A Few Things

February 01, 2013

Venice Beach, California. December 2012.

- - -

Watch David Byrne and St. Vincent on Letterman.

Former NYC mayor, Ed Koch, dies at 88.

The blind man who taught himself to see.

NSFW - Pussy Eating 101.

Cold Cave will release a new EP.

Anne Hathaway "For Your Consideration" spoof!

Funny or Die is reading my mind with this Folger's commercial.

Someone named Tori Kelly covers PYT. I like it.

Beyonce rehearses for the Super Bowl.

Season 11 Episode 1 of Real Time with Bill Maher - must see.

Rick Pisan & Daryl Butthole here and here.

I don't understand J.Law's SAG dress.

Louis CK won't pose for your photo.

- - -

Beyonce's Super Bowl ad was released this week and no one seems to be extremely bothered by the fact that she's wearing eye black except me. I expressed my confusion to some of my co-workers, who responded with, "But the Louboutin's make perfect sense," which is besides the POINT. She can be whatever dolled-up version of a referee she wants, but referee's don't wear eye black. Football players wear eye black. It's like posing as a pitcher and wearing a catcher's leg, knee, and toe guards. It just doesn't make sense. But I'm the only one annoyed by it so here I am, again, in my own world.

Have a great weekend and Go Ravens!