How to: Win an election

April 26, 2012


April 19, 2012

Cat Woman

I would like to have a Michelle Pfeiffer marathon/party. Scarface, Frankie & Johnny, Batman, Dangerous Minds, and What Lies Beneath (yes).


April 18, 2012

This makes me sad more than it makes me happy.


Vogue May 2012

Watch the behind-the-scenes video at

Photographed by Mario Testino
Styled by Tonne Goodman

These tights are awesome

April 16, 2012

Buy them here

I wouldn't wear them, but you should.


Begins today.

Tonne Goodman

April 10, 2012

So inspirational. So chic.


April 06, 2012

Coney Island, NY. March 2012. via The Bad Faith
Happy Easter. Tomorrow, I celebrate Passover at the Yeskel's and will be having Easter Sunday brunch at the dimsum spot.

Oh you

April 05, 2012

Dead Sands

Photo via The Bad Faith

Listen to Dead Sands


April 04, 2012

Premiere's April 15 on HBO

Did I ever tell you about the time

Britney circa head buzz.
I found hair extensions in the good-looking guys closet? I was helping him get rid of some leftover stuff from his last relationship and found bundles of hair in a couple purses. Apparently, a lot of white girls get extensions.

I'm not judging.. just saying.

Damsels in Distress

April 03, 2012