A Few Things

November 30, 2012

November 2013. New York, NY.

- - -

Larry Clark's new film "Marfa Girl" is available for streaming until forever.

Boy Meets World is back with a spinoff.

Katy Perry wears Naeem Kahn to the UNICEF Snowflake Ball.

Men wearing tights under shorts. I like.

This is how my native people dress.

Terry Richardson takes pictures of Jared Leto.

HBO's Girls intro Gilmore Girlsified.

Shia LaBeouf gets gas, is hot.

Yoko Ono for Opening Ceremony.

Water ice found on Mercury.

27 reasons why kids are the worst.

- - -

People always comment on how unemotional I am. I am neither happy, nor sad. Just there. And whether or not those feelings actually exist somewhere deep inside is only for my knowledge because on the outside, I will not show you how I feel. And that will has turned into true feeling. Too often is happiness ripped away from you and too often is anger unjust. Too often does expectation turn into disappointment. I don't want to use the word "jaded" to describe this, because life is still unexpected and exciting, but I'm tired of the roller coaster. I am truly exhausted by feeling. So I stay constant. Steadfast. Unchanging. Fixed, in my emotion. Call it dull, boring, mysterious.. whatever I've been described as. But know that it is because I'm tired. I am always tired.


November 29, 2012

I have not been floored by a photo shoot in a long, long time. And I have opinions about the photographer and model but it doesn't change the fact that this shoot. is. amazing.

T Magazine Winter 2012
Photos Ryan McGinley
Editor Sarah Moonves
Model Karlie Kloss

8 Ball Zine Fair

November 28, 2012

Here's the Facebook page

I'll be here for a portion of Sunday.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

34 West 32nd St at 5th Ave
12th Floor
*Free Entry

How To: Put On a Face

November 21, 2012

Love to Stay High

November 19, 2012

A Few Things

November 16, 2012

Sake Bar Satsko. November 2012. New York, NY.

Agree with Zara on cutting for Bigger America.

New Azealia Banks video: "Atlantis".

Kate Middleton in a diaper. Really cute.

Weird .gif of MKO and Olivier Sarkozy being cuddly.

New Bjork video: "Mutual Core".

We had an event on Tuesday.

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Busy busy week.


November 15, 2012

December 2012

November 14, 2012

Behind-the-scenes video at Vogue.com

Sandy Zine

November 13, 2012

Via evanhuntermcknight.tumblr.com

sandy zine-

All the photos in this zine were taken in lower Manhattan from Oct, 29 2012 to Nov, 2 2012—the days following Hurricane Sandy where a significant chunk of America’s largest city was without power. A $10 donation will get you this 52-page zine and help aid the recovery of many along our coast who are, still, without power and many now, without homes.

Please come by New York Adorned, Tuesday through Thursday, or PayPal payments can be sent to sandyreliefzine@gmail.com (there is a donation button on the left of [his] blog). Please include your shipping address, and $1 donations for shipping are much appreciated.

Limited quantities also avalible at Mast Books and Printed Matter.

All proceeds go to hurricane relief. If you would prefer to have your donation go to Occupy Sandy instead of the Red Cross please specify upon donating.

Tell Me the Truth

November 12, 2012

A Few Things

November 09, 2012

New York, NY. November 2012.

Don't you love it when people you don't really know get at you via Facebook and want to "catch up" but they really just want to crash at your Manhattan apartment? Then, when you tell them you're going to be out of town that weekend but can catch up/crash another time, there's no "sure!", just radio silence.

- - -

An aerial shot of Manhattan during the blackout.

Official video: Snoop Lion's "La La La".

Refused reunion comes to an end.

Suicide Silence's Mitch Lucker killed in motorbike crash.

The damage along the Jersey Shore.

Blonde Redhead playing NYC's Irving Plaza on NYE. Damnit.

New badgalriri video for "Diamonds".

Evan posted new photos--Sandy Zine to come.

- - -

Finally got hot water back. And get to keep my current President. Yee.

Have a good weekend~

Arco Iris

November 08, 2012

KD Posters

November 07, 2012

Home Away From Home

November 06, 2012

I'm not one for sloppy nights, but sometimes, you just get tired. These days, I'm always tired and can't hang with the people that don't work as long as I do. Luckily, I have a great bar with great friends down the road that let me nap in the wee hours of the morning while Evan chats it up at the bar. Undisturbed sleeping.

Yes, I took my shoes off.

Call me Jeff Gor-Don

November 05, 2012

A Few Things

November 02, 2012

October 30, 2012. New York, NY.

- - -

There was a huge hurricane in NYC.

Donald Trump on Twitter talks Obama/Sandy/Election.

SJP looks itty bitty next to L'Wren Scott.

Our President has my kind of humor.

Lena Dunham on her first time (voting).

Sex with Sandy.

This website shows how pathetic girls can be.

Hoping to have power back today.

A very strange, cute Echidna Puggle.

Ellen dresses up as Sophia Vergara for Halloween.

- - -

I'm glad everyone had a fun, power-filled Halloween. Lower Manhattan is as bad as the news has been making it out to be. It's pretty amazing how unaffected midtown and upper Manhattan is. My neighborhood is still without power and people's homes and basements are only just beginning to recover from the hurricane. As bad as this event was/is, I've been fine. Troy and Jenny have hot water so hot showers are readily available, Satsko has been a great place of refuge and a place to meet neighborhood friends, and the community has been pulling together in helping one another.

More than anything, I love that our phone's haven't been working. It's back to the times of, "Let's meet at this corner at 1pm," or knocking on someone's door to see if they're home. We've been improvising with food and hanging out by candlelight. It's a very simple kind of life.


November 01, 2012

The ConEd explosion from Monday night two blocks away.