Kink in France

May 31, 2011

The Dude is in France shredding the gnar. See the rest of the photos at the Kink site.

You will die

Mommy hugs the baby while he's having a nightmare.

Edit: Sorry, fixed.

Don't judge my ass

I'm wearing sweatpants.

Via Nothing But Regrets

Long Weekend

May 27, 2011

Sorry for things being so stale 'round these parts. I spend my work day surfing the internet so I get pretty tired of it when I get home. Most of the rich New Yorkers are going to the Hamptons this weekend and I'm not rich or a New Yorker so I'll be here with the rest of the tourists.

Paint your toes with real snake skin.

My roommate and his Tumblr famous girlfriend make me want to puke.

Beyonce's Billboard performance gives me chills.

First, vagazzling. Now, penazzling.

This months GQ has an article about psychopaths always being in positions of power (CEO's, Editor's in Chief.. etc) which I found quite amusing. Alexander Skarsgard is on the cover so you should grab it anyway.

I'm already over the weekend but it's going to be a long one so I need to find something to amuse me (like start another TV show). Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

C'est moi, otra vez

May 26, 2011

Emily Posts Polite Pussy

May 25, 2011


May 24, 2011

I went to Travis Pastrana's house over the weekend. The Dude played. I read.


May 23, 2011

That is one of my best friends on the right. The other two are my babies and I feel like I've momma'ed these guys since the beginning. This trio of musicianship is mind-blowing and the guys have a pretty serious rep around us. They've finally got a new singer, Tillian (ex-Ties of Man), who is supposed to record on Saosin's new album (without touring with them). Weird things happen at home.

Check out their Facebook page and listen to Archives.

The Dudington + Weekend

May 20, 2011

Photo Keith Teket

The Dude has a bike check and Q&A on BMX Union that you should check out.

My mom got this for me.

Beyonce has crazy isolation skills, though there's a weird CGI component to some parts.

Apparently, sculpture is blowing up in New York.

Hate crimes will cost you $1 million.

Someone tell the Dude writing for Socialite Life that Paula is not wearing a "hot mess of an outfit," with "so many patterns," and "so much clutter!" but is wearing Dolce & Gabbana. And I'm pretty sure it's a one-piece.

Have a nice weekend~

On the verge

May 19, 2011