Rihanna can't sing

June 29, 2009

I was looking up old Mariah Carey videos (by old, I mean OLD. Vision of Love old) and stumbled across this video of "Robyn Fenty" covering Hero. My ears were burning at the bridge. But I think I'm posting this video just because I had that exact dress in high school. In black, of course.

I'm all about the Mariah Carey right now though. I'm singing One Sweet Day for Michael.

Date Night

The Dude and I got Mexican food the other night.

There's a mountain of black beans and rice behind my elevated fajita platter.

And the Dude got this pesto deliciousness.

Our bill was a grand total of $12. How? It's called having the sick hookup.

Comfort Wipe

Ocean City

June 28, 2009

Flick via Oliver from Ocean City. Erica and I got matching Ocean City hoodies because it was freeezing while it was raining.


Keith Sweat AND Bel Biv Devoe just performed at the BET awards?! Come on now. Twisted was my anthem in 7th grade. Oh Keith, you make sex sound soo good.

Go Carnie!

Dinner Time

My basil plants have been growing out of control so I thought I'd make some fresh pesto for dinner. It was so good! I added orange zest to give it a summery taste.


Does anyone use that phrase anymore? "Girl, did you see that guy? He is FINE!" The Dude is fine.

Monday, March 24, 2003 - 9.18 pm

Wow. I want to thank everyone that really prayed for the crap that was going on with me. You do not understand how much this means to me. Some of you might not think your little prayers meant anything, but I tell you, it did.

The power of prayer is unbelieveable. I always knew that prayer could go a long way and that it can do miraculous things, but this... is amazing.

Many of you know the issues that have been going on with my father and me and to give you an update, it is going great. I honestly do not know how it all happened because it happened so fast, but we are doing awesome. I cannot even put to words how I feel and how it is going. We even went out for lunch and ice cream the other day. I do not even know what to say. I think all I really want to say is thank you. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The power of prayer is soo amazing. I still cannot find words to say...

A lot of people don't know that I used to be really involved in my church. It was everything to me. Most of my friends were people that went to my church and a lot of my time was spent there. I sang in the praise band every Friday and Sunday, I sang for VBS, I always helped out with VBS.. I was there on Wednesday nights for Bible study, Friday for Friday night worship and I was always there right after school to practice for the praise band. I was there on Saturday to practice, and there every Sunday for hourrss after service. Most of my journal entries from junior high and the first half of high school were about how much I was in love with God and how difficult my spiritual walk was and stuff like that.

Then junior year, something happened.

Snack Time

Ocean City virgin no more

June 25, 2009

Started the day off with egg and cheese sandwiches and juice boxes for the four of us.

8:30am is too early for the Dude.

Shortly after this photo, we ran into Nazi Billy and Scott and Sabrina. Wild.

It rained for an hour and Oliver was not havin' it.

So we spent time indoors playing games and eating candy.

The Dude was surprisingly good at Time Crisis.

Yeah, I got pooped on.

Love Letter

My Two Cents

So everyone is super bummed that he passed away like they knew him, but rather than sulking over his death, let us celebrate the amazing things he's created over the last 40 years (maybe 30.. since the last few years don't count). This is where we take a trip down a personal memory lane.

I will continue to sing Man in the Mirror on trips to Northern California with Karen and do the best Michael Jackson squeal you have ever heard. I will forever remember choreographing a lipsync to Billie Jean my sophomore year in high school and I take full credit of jump starting Anthony's dancing career. I mean, the memories are endless.. so here we celebrate. We listen and sing louder. We dance harder.

I guess it's hard not to be upset because it's such a huge part of most people's childhood. I mean, I grew up dancing and trying to mimic his moves. But we didn't know him personally, so one can only feel so much sorrow. I guess now it's time to thoroughly embrace the legacy that is Michael Jackson.

It's interesting to think all Michael Jackson memorabilia is going to go up in $$$.

Rest peacefully, for we all probably fell in love with you at some point.

Blow Job Sandwich

Remember the original Quizno's commercials? "Put it inside me.."

My Competition

June 24, 2009

The Dude and Oliver went for a night ride and he came back with a story of some haggard woman all over him when they took a break in Fells Point. Oliver got proof of the incident. SHE KISSED HIM! Bahahaha. She wins.

Happy Pride!

June 21, 2009

I love this neighborhood.

"Sexy Matt" was selling drinks in front of Gentei and providing entertainment. Outfit 1.

Sonia is the cutest and prettiest and most precious!

Gutter Magazine wanted a piece of "Sexy Matt"

"Sext Matt" Outfit 2.

We went to the parking lot behind Eddie's because we heard people were doing naughty things, but found nothing. Instead "Sexy Matt" rode around with these guys. After the second photo, we lost him for a good hour.

After we were done hanging out on the street, we went on the roof to do more people watching. The back of the Potty's was the hotspot--girls peeing and doing coke. Oliver got in trouble by a police officer because he was pointing his laser pointer at people. I guess it sort of looks like a sniper laser.

We watched The Land of the Lost later. That movie is terrible. I was jumping most of the time because of how loud and scary the dinosaurs were. At one point, I didn't think I was going to make it through the whole movie and a few people walked out in the middle. Their were some funny parts, but it's definitely not worth watching. Then we went to Yakitori for some late night grubbage which was delicious, per usual. It was an exhausting day.

Looking back on the photos I took, I could've taken a lot more pictures of the people at the festival, because there were some awesome outfits--loincloth guy, leathermen.. the list is endless. I'm sure photos will surface of "Sexy Matt" crashing the parade and taking pictures with the mayor. I think I was just stoked on having my camera back after not having it for 3 weeks.

Happy pride everyone!

Suffocation, no breathing

June 20, 2009

Papa Roach before and after. Which one do you prefer? Hahaha isn't Last Resort '99? First it's a hybrid of 90s "rock" and Korn, then they're a hybrid of the terrible AP music scene and Avenged Sevenfold or something. Not going to lie, I know most of the words in the first video. So does the Dude. It's just how it goes. No shame.

The Wrestler

Take it to the Dome

Koston on Nike SB

June 19, 2009

Yay or nay?