February 24, 2012

Please don't leave me needing..

Today is rainy and gloomy in New York City and I am listening to Active Child. I'm obsessed with Pat Grossi's sexy choir boyish voice (without the undertones of pedophilia) and his big manly body. The video is cheesy, but it's still sexy in a retro way. There's something about this duo that I can't get over.

This weekend will consist of eating lots of food, theatre, bowling, long walks, Breaking Bad, and a whole lot of relaxation.

Have a great weekend!

How I Learned to Drive

by Paula Vogel

Red all over

February 23, 2012

Prima Donna

Fiona & Zack

Let's fly away

February 21, 2012

Is this really love?


February 17, 2012

December 2011. New York, New York. Photo The Bad Faith.

This week has been crazy and so many things in life are changing. Right now, in this instance, it's not all good, but I'm hoping that the grass is greener. Busy is good, but I'm finding it hard to see what all the busy is for. I can say that "it's the journey, not the destination," but is that so when I don't know the destination at all?

I'm the eldest of two, so I have all the patience in the world and I'm okay with never getting any of the credit I deserve. I've always been the type to stand back while people take my glory, because the glory isn't the rewarding part (to me). In real life, when money and career and The Future is involved, I start to care. The "survival of the fittest" stands true.

I need you tonight

Vogue US March 2012

February 16, 2012

Behind the scenes video at Vogue.com.


February 15, 2012


February 14, 2012

Room service

February 10, 2012


February 09, 2012


February 08, 2012

A place they call "Golden Beach".

Heat vs Hornets

February 07, 2012


February 06, 2012

Left of the middle


Weird family


February 03, 2012

January 2012. Miami Beach, Florida. Sunglasses: Chloe - Swimsuit: Pret-a-Surf

I spent 7 days in Miami. New York is cold!

Have a nice weekend!

Please don't break up


February 02, 2012