iPhone pix

February 28, 2009

Homie and his kids

Big balls

Alien baby (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZFcH0srTRU)

The Dude's dad was feeding the snakes

This one wasn't hungry

"You can't take a picture of the truck, it's invisible."

The Dude and I went to the grocery store and spent $115. With the savings card, it went down to $94, but with some $10 coupon the cashier gave us, it went down to 83$! That's $32.00! And we went to the Vans store to get the Dude some shoes, and he scored really awesome suede/leather eras for ten dollars cheaper because the price was marked wrong on the shoe! Ow!

What an eventful day.

Black Water

February 25, 2009

Chase is doing a series of "censored studies" for YouTube. This is Apnea.

The Dude

February 21, 2009

is gleeking on my face. Gross.

Mostly for Jake & Chris

Braydon Szafranski interview with Brian Herman (who looks more and more haggard) talking about the Champagne of Beer, bitches, Neck, and a lot more pointless things, although, he has some surprisingly sound advice about getting girls. There's some shreddage too.
Jake & Chris: What restaurant would he want to go to on his ideal skate day? Yeahhh.

Part 1

Part 2

New fear

Bow Wow

Whatever happened to him? Tomas tattooed him at Paradise over the summer..

Jesse, the Dude, and I took a stroll in the area for a few hours. Saw this car

Later we saw an old man getting into it.. embarrassing. There was an orgy of unleashed dogs, which was cool, but two of them were huge! The black one came up to my waist. Jake would hate that dog.

There was also a tiny little pug that was trying to get everyones attention, but it was too small compared to the big ones rolling around. A lot of them were really horny, and aggressive about trying to get some.

- - -

I am completely over this weather.

Crabtown USA

February 18, 2009

The Dude and I met a bunch of people at Crabtown for some arcade fun. He got the highest score on some shooting game.

I've raved about the Star Wars pinball game before, and the Dude just wouldn't play it. Then I made him watch me play and he couldn't stop playing.

I think this is the first time the Dude's real name has been put on here, or a photo that clearly shows that it's "him". So there you go girls.

I don't know where I am

February 16, 2009

I'm in this place, this middle-ground, where I'm trying to balance being 100% me and trying to figure out where I am as a painter. A "painter". An "artist". I think I gave up on the idea of trying to paint and change the world a little over a year ago. But now I'm back.. still a little skeptical about where I want to take this (whatever this is). When I was starting to get into my groove, I was looking at works from Rothko, Still, Newman.. and a lot of the '50s New Yorkers and I was so inspired by their work. I used to go to New York just to go to MoMA and sit in front of Rothko. I can't even remember the last time I went to MoMA.

I guess I'm not the only one here, right? Wanting to be somewhere, but a little unsure of where that is.. but it's on the tip of your tongue. You know, you can almost taste it, to the point where your insides are shaking just thinking about all of the possibilities this feeling can lead you. Or maybe you know where that place is.. it's just a little out of reach, but maybe if you stand on your tippy toes, you can grab it.

I'm at this point in my life where I have to think about my future. I refuse to just live and let live. For the moment, yes, but it's not my nature to not have a goal, a plan. I have a mere one year before I graduate. At the end of that year, where will I be? Jobless with a degree from one of the finest painting departments in the country? I wonder if the detour I took a year ago is still a path I can follow. And I wonder if certain people (a certain man) will be there to walk with me and be in my decision making.

Growing up. When did it start getting so serious? It's all too serious.

Let's just play.

Barnett Newman
Vir Heroicus Sublimis


February 14, 2009

Beau mentioned how he liked that I don't wear tights, and I agree. I admit, I wear them around the house, or when I go to the studio, or even on a bike ride.. but tights/leggings are not pants. I think the only exception are American Apparel black "leather" leggings as "pants". But leggings are not pants, so pairing them with a shirt is Not A Good Look.

So the whole leggings-flannel look, NAGL.
Tights and a shirt, NAGL.
Leggings as pants, NAGL.

Now that I think about it, black tights are even a little sketch if worn wrong. Just wear jeans! Grreat fitting jeans are soo sexy.

Leggings/tights are not pants!

Kittens inspired by Kittens

I'm sure after watching 15 seconds of this, you'll want to stop and go on, but just try. It's pretty funny for a 4 year old girl.

"I want beef jerkey!"
"I'm her mom!" "No she's not!"
"I have to go potty! (look down to his feet) PSSSSS"

Plus / Minus

I finally saw Control and I'm a little impartial to it. I think it's a great story about a completely devoted individual and the happenstance of his role in music's history and what he means to so many people. My favorite quote from the movie was when Ian Curtis says something like, "What they don't understand is when I'm up there, I'm giving everything I have, and it's exhausting." That's probably no where near what he says, but you get the idea. It's like the music is sucking the energy right out of him, like everything he has is devoted to those single moments. But also lies the back story about his relationshipS. Perhaps it's because it touches too close to home (or has the capability to), but it was difficult watching his relationship and the anguish between the two. Boy goes off and plays with his friends, doing what he loves. Girl stays home, taking care of the life she built for the two, not the life she desired for herself. It's tough, but I feel like it's a situation many can relate to because it seems to happen often.

Anyways, this is a tattoo Thomas Hooper did almost a year ago. I can't find the completed piece, but it was done in one session. Pretty gnarls.

Twin twins

February 06, 2009

In making breakfast for my mans and I, this is what came out of the two eggs I cracked.

We also got our ownnn internet and cable today. It turns out, we could have been stealing cable this whole time if the television was set correctly, but the tech said he wouldn't filter out the channels we were getting :)

Too serious

February 05, 2009

Things have been too serious around here so I'm going to post pictures of things I think you should see.

I'm over Neck, but this is funny/cute. Yeah, cute.
Taken from Patrick O'Dell

Chase is making YouTube friendly videos.

And I'd also like to express my distaste for mediocre hair.

Last night, the Dude and I were talking about a friend's questionable taste in women, and how two girls he thought to be "cute" were absolutely not, and they both had mediocre hairstyles.

Don't listen to her

In semi-dramatic moments in one's life, one tends to run to friends and family for advice. In my experiences, I've come across some pretty radical advice.. advice that doesn't suit me. People that I trust The Most give me their take on my situation and I listen. But now, I'm not taking advice from anyone. An outside opinion is important, but I feel as though only you, and you alone, know what's best for you. Just like only the two individuals in a relationship know what's best for the relationship because no one else really knows what's going on (not to say that the advice one is getting is bad).

Dan has been the best supporter in the mini-drama as of late. He doesn't give me advice, but asks me questions, questions that I should ask myself. He doesn't do the "well if III was in the situation", because he's not and we are different people. If anything, he was just someone I can speak out loud to, where I could clear my thoughts and sort out my situation. Radical decisions weren't made due to radical women giving me advice. In a vulnerable state, it's easy to be influenced by other people's words.. but listening to yourself is important.

But that is assuming that the individual is halfway sane. Logical. Fair. See's both sides. Understand's the fault and one's own fault. Blah blah blah, which most people aren't.


Being a painter in the 17th century is so much cooler than being a painter in the 21st. Roaming the streets at night, drinking 'til the earlier morn, and causing too much trouble sounds a lot more exciting than waking up at 8am for a six hour class on dimensional drawing, and discussing how language is arbitrary--where without language, the highest form of thinking (abstract) can be accomplished and that language is a mere agreement to try and get through in the world. What?

In watching a "documentary"/dramatic recreation of Caravaggio's life, I admire his don't-care attitude, amongst my envy for his God-given hand and eye. Although I will never have the balls to live that sort of lifestyle, it's interesting imagining myself in attempting to do so. I feel as though my short-lived Space Mountain moments are the closest I can get and the brief present moments are what allow me to live that life.


Can one live by such a phrase? Caravaggio did and look where he ended up: in jail half a dozen times, a murderer, seriously loco, and stranded on a beach to die, right before his pardon back into the world.

So perhaps I do like my six hour classes where I get to learn that living in the 21st century won't allow me to paint anything new and revolutionary, and that being an "artist" (though I can't call myself one yet) is probably hopeless.

What's (literally) written in my mouth stands and will always. Without it, there is no point. In anything.