What do boogers taste like?

June 29, 2010

I don't remember, let's ask the Germany team manager.

Good morning cookie!

I made a dozen of my favorittte "chocolate chocolate chocolate chip cookies", as I call them. I gave these out at Christmas to all of my favorite people sprinkled with festive nonpareils. Today, I just want a cookie. A cookie. Which is why I will give the rest away :)


Not my style, but I don't think that's the point. Only Anna can pull that off. Holy moly BALLS.


Scott Campbell is hollered at to design a Louis tattoo for the Spring Menswear show. Because the GD's at Louis can't? Weirddd.

P.S. They're temporary.

On a personal note

June 26, 2010

I've been uber sick this entire week. Influenza perhaps. It's so strange being sick during the summer. I'm also incredibly behind in my ceramics class because I've been sick. I've been going to class, but I just haven't been working.. which means I just sit there and eat my packed lunch. Surf the interweb. Read a little.

I was hoping to go up to New York this weekend and celebrate Pride with Beau, but Oliver went camping so I had to take care of Little Dude.

Mikey's trip to Baltimore has officially been planned and he's going to be here for almost 2 weeks! I'm hoping this trip is a little more exciting, since a lot of things DIDN'T happen when he was here last summer.

Things I've been cooking lately (all homemade, of course):
Tomato soup & grilled cheese
Vegetable and tofu spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Eggplant parmesan

The tomato soup is REALLY good. I made a gigantic batch to last me the entire week and it's the perfect meal.

Yesterday The Dude and I drove to Mt. Airy to see his bff4eva's band play, who is also in this band. We're trying to get Benzee to come on the adventure with us next weekend. [Keeping fingers crossed!]

What're you doing for Independence Day weekend? I am going on an adventure with The Dude.. maybe.

My brother, along with everyone in Southern California

is at EDC. And I am in 97 degree HEAT.


Please watch this entire video. It's worth it.

Seen on Defgrip.

The Dude came grocery shopping with me

June 24, 2010

This is from a couple weeks ago when he was off his ankle for a few days. I have a feeling the only reason he came along was because he knew he'd get the opportunity to ride one of these things and have a legitimate reason. It was awesome watching him do 3-point turns in the aisle and parallel park between things. It even did the "beep beep" while he backed up.


Sooo the FDA took away Kombucha from everywhereee. I read that Whole Foods was taking it off their shelves because of the elevated levels of alcohol, but I did not know that the FDA pulled it from everywherrreeee. I will die.

99 degrees today in Baltimore. Kill me.

Baltimore > New York > Baltimore > California > Baltimore

June 20, 2010

Aye. A little bit of time to chill in Harm City before I go back to Lala Land.

You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast.

(I am all about Top 40 right now)

I need the weather to be

a little bit cooler/less humid like it was in New York.

Sorry Momma's camera is funky

But it's pink which is all that matters to her.

Sorry, something's wrong with my hair.

I forgot to take pictures of Mikey's mini-grad party that I threw him because I was too busy playing Hostess and hanging out with boys I've known since they were 10 to remember to capture the moment. But Mexican food + Oreo cupcakes + boys recalling memories + movie = good times.


June 18, 2010

I love Ursher.

When Usher talks about sex it is not sleezy or disgustabug. It makes you want the sexytime. Even when he talks about his sexypot body, it's not sleezy. It's Usher.

So cute!

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith did a song together for the Karate Kid movie and Jaden's little rap part goes as follows:

I can handle him
Hold up, I, I can handle him
Now he's bigger than me, taller than me
And he's older than me, and stronger than me
And his arms are little bit longer than me
But it ain't on a JB song with me
I be tryna chill
They be tryna side with the thrill
No pun intended was raised by the power of Will
Like Luke with the force if push comes to shove
Like Kobe with the fourth, ice water with blood (Let's go!)
I gotta be the best
And yes we're the flyest
Like David and Goliath
I conquered the giant
So now I got the world in my hand
I was born from two stars
So the moon's where I land

"Raised by the power of Will" "Born from two stars" So cute! Pop music performed by babies is cute. And slightly annoying.

Well, duh

Graduation day!

I decorated the house in black and gold and made Oreo cupcakes per Mikey's request to celebrate the end of high school. Maybe I'll post pictures of the deco and of his mini-party we're having today at a later time.

Fancy hostel

Natalie and I have been joking about dropping everything (mostly meaning our excessive amounts of school and lives outside of California) and moving back home, maybe taking off to Europe for a bit or something. Why did I leave home in the first place? When this is the view from my bedroom window:

I could totally give up my "life" and live at home and work for my parents and enjoy such a nice, simple life.

Then I started thinking about hostels which led to "Are there hostels in Orange County?" Because how amazing would it be to have "fancy" hostels where you live with this kind of view.

It's good to be home

Yogurt and The Office to end my night :)

Bad dreams

Holy moly, last night was rough. I woke up 1:45am to a crazy dream that was quite upsetting, but I shook it off and went back to bed. Then I woke up at 2:45am to a dream about my dad doing something that I cannot repeat, and my brother being dead (again). The dream was so strange and the happenings didn't make sense, but the idea was that Mikey was dead and I was crying. I woke up and called The Dude, but he was fast asleep so I called Mikey, who is at his Grad Night at Disneyland. I called twice and he didn't pick up and it made me worry. Instead of worrying 'til 6am when he gets home, I forced myself to sleep. Dream number 2,093 of the night was also too vivid and too loco. Some really weird stuff happened in the beginning, but later I was at my husbands house/fancy hostel who was dealing with some gangster shit. Jeez, I can't even retell it because it didn't make any sense. My son and I were supposed to be executed in the back of our driver's car while we were supposed to be whisked to safety, but we inserted these foam things into our heads that made the bullet not kill us. So we were shot in the head and bled, but we didn't die. There was hiding under a bed. There was a son who was used to these things and was almost a pro at hiding and being shot in the head. I don't know. I woke up at 6:30 and called Mikey, who is alive and on his way home. Good morning.

Man down

June 13, 2010

The Dude was shredding in Brooklyn yesterday and his crank arm broke while he was doing a wallride which made his foot go *boom* on the ground and bruised/sprained his foot. It's nothing serious, but we took a bus ride to Baltimore and went to the emergency room 9 hours later. He's out for a week or two, thank heavens that's all though.

I'm back in Baltimore and it is humid as all hell. I think Baltimore would be more tolerable if it weren't humid. I can do a 95 degree day, just not the I-can't-breathe part. I had today to rest and I'm up to start a summer class tomorrow.

I already miss New York and all that it has to offer my soul. The excitement winds down while I lay low here. At least I have a kitchen and all of my gadgets.

Hello friend

June 10, 2010

Lorimer and Metropolitan in the Burg.

Me, so azn

Coney Island Cyclone! Why is my mouth open in EVERY PICTURE.

Did I mention that Kelly and Megan were in town? I took them to Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

Sweet hangs

My darling boy Jake moved to New York last week. I met his roommate Emily who has a striking resemblance to Bjork. Yumm. We went to the only bar I've ever been to in the Burg and sat inside and sippy sipped. MAGS, whom I haven't seen in years because A. She was an exchange student for a semester and B. is from Glasgow (pronounced glass-go, according to the way Mags was sayin it). That was a pleasant surprise. Then, as I'm sippy sipping on my Honey Moon, I hear my name and it's Kenny Brown. More yums. Thenn, as we're sippy sipping some more, Dondero walks by and ditches his group to hang out with us :) A barrel full of yums.

Went to bar no.2 and reminisced. Out 'til 2am and had to get up at 7am. Nagl. But love.

I don't even want to talk about it


June 09, 2010

What's the point

Not even in New York can I get decent Korean food. One week and I will be fulfilled.

Jonjon, Bobo, and Tamtam

My review

You know how I feel about Lady Gaga, but I discuss it over and over because I want people to make me understand her because I might be seeing it wrong. The best critique I've gotten so far was from Sara, who said the reason Gaga is so amazing is because she bridges performance art and popular music. But I honestly don't believe that she achieves the "performance" aspect. Take Matthew Barney, who is essentially a sculptor, who shows his work and performance through his films. Lady Gaga, the persona, is an on-going performance, I get it. But when she makes a big deal about these videos, the latest being SO incredibly homoerotically cliche!, it makes me more confused.

The new video is received as a gigantic homage to Madonna and Cabaret. We all see that. But saying that it is for all of the gay men in her life whom she loves is an act. I feel like highlighting homosexuality constantly is her means to glorify this taboo which in turn makes her "edgy." Maybe it's because I've become jaded about gay culture. I think jaded is the wrong word and maybe popular media and culture needs to be reminded that The Gays still exist. I just think it's an old subject and isn't pushing anything new.

Then. Presenting gay love as this dark, leathery, latexy, S&M-y thing continues to bring in this negative stereotype that has existed since the 60s about gay love and gay sex. Not all gays enjoy S&M, though that's what soo many people thought about gay culture. It's not to say that S&M doesn't exist in the gay community, but if she's presenting her admiration and love for her gay friends, I think empowering them in a completely non-stereotypical way would have been so much more sincere.

Though, in writing this I'm wondering whether that's the point?

I don't know man. I'll say it again, I would appreciate her more if she made a mockery of her success. If the whole point of this over-the-top performance was to make over-the-top moneys. Making a mockery of the fact that she gets paid to do this. There's something about the overzealous seriousness that irks me. Maybe it's because I think life ain't so serious, even in the things you love and do. I GET that it's supposed to be an on-going performance piece, I get it. I get she claims to be a performance artist.. I just don't understand where the performance aspect is. Because it is no different than Bjork and her amazing videos (who identifies herself as a musical artist and singer first and foremost). It's no different than Madonna and everything she's brought to the table. It's no different than Bowie and the sex-pushing gender-pushing role he played. It's no different than Britney Spears in a red leather jumper.

Saw this last night

June 07, 2010

Totally fucked up.

I'm used to it by now

June 06, 2010

Senior year, my date to the senior dance (not prom, seniors Only dance) puked on me during dinner.

Our group of friends decided to do some pre-gaming on the drive to the location of our event, which was located on top of a hill, over-looking beautiful Orange County. I remember there being a bottle of Grey Goose in the car and maybe some Bud Light, but an hour into the night, I was carrying my date across the floor while my entire senior class stared in shame.

I took him to puke over the railing, into beautiful Orange County, and we got some food and sat back at our table. My date could barely open his eyes and the next thing I know, he's trying to shovel his previous meal back into his mouth, splattering the goodies all over me.

The chaperones thought we were having a little too much fun and called the cops. We got breath-tests and did the follow-my-finger trick with the cop. I think 6-8 of us were called out and I was the only one that got to stay. The rest had to go home, parents were called, nights were canceled.

I stayed, Natalie and Cameron took me home. I still had a good time. I mean, how many times have you been puked on by your date?

A couple nights ago, the group and I did a margarita night at the studios. I forget how deadly tequila is to people. The next thing I know, our 25 minute commute is extended to 2 hours due to trains being re-routed and I'm carrying a grown man that can barely walk.

I've always been the one to take care of people, given any circumstance. Especially when there's a lot of drugs and alcohol involved. People heavily under the influence don't want to be patronized or treated like a baby. You do that, you make them angry and make it more difficult to get them to do what you want.

Maybe the people you hang out with don't get completely trashed, but all of the events in my life lead up to the other night. I'm exaggerating, but it's because the group of people in this program this year are.. angels. We've got a Christian schoolgirl, a Mormon girl, Aspergers, a virgin.. and no one knew how to deal with extra-drunk/slightly scary.

So New York. I never want to haul a drunk guy from Brooklyn for two hours ever again. And I never want to enter a 95 degree subway platform. However, it was interesting and another story to add to the list. Puke doesn't seem to phase me anymore.

Dear New York City,

June 04, 2010

You're making me tired. Hang out with this person, hang out with that person. Want to have dinner? Let's watch a movie. Studio studio studio. Coney Island! Cyclone! Nathan's! Nathan Williams. What?

I rolled two blunts yesterday. It's those little asian hands man. Don't worry, no smokage for me, so don't get excited Arj.

No sleep. Too much coffee. The painting is not working. What is art? "I don't understand how that's art." "So, do you just splatter paint on the canvas?"

My dude is sexy. Eww. He's also very strange, yet still sexy. And very nice. He's so nice! And has a nice body ;) Eww. Nice.

Haiku No. 420

I don't understand
How that piece of shit is art
You deserve to die

You craze

June 03, 2010

Sometimes, I think I can be Obsessive Compulsive about certain things, but when I realize I'm being that way, I try even harder not to be. I always think that's an even crazier form of Obsessive Compulsion, in that I'm so OD* about being controlling that I control my "OCD". Haha it's so silly (my theory, not OCD).

- - - - -

I spent close to 12 hours in the studio yesterday. We all spent the whole day together, which was a lot of fun. It was the first day we, as a group, did an all-day thing and ended the night with a couple beers. I took my laptop with me so I could watch Weeds while I waited for paint to dry. I'm almost done with the third season :) We have all come to love this convenience store called Bridge Fresh down the street which basically carries EVERYTHING. Sushi, burgers, veggie burgers, breakfast, Kombucha, beer, panini's, salads.. Everything. They have freshly squeezed orange juice and pudding, too! Yesterday I got a veggie burger with bacon (haha) that was soo yummy. I don't want to leave this place.


June 01, 2010

Exit Louise Bourgeois and enter Marina Abramovic. Louise Bourgeouis passed away yesterday at 98 and Marina Abromovic completed the Artist is Present performance at MoMA. I'm thrilled I got a chance to see the huge survey/retrospective of Louise Bourgeois' work last year at the Hirschorn and I am ecstatic I got a chance to witness Marina Abromovic's performance last week. Tomato, tomato.

Now we wait for the aftermath. I wonder how Marina's piece will settle out since the politics were such a huge issue. I just found out that she and Ulay broke up because of Marina's quest for fame. Givenchy is throwing her a party today. James Franco was supposed to go to MICA.

Sally sold seashells by the sea shore.

The Great Wall piece is still too beautiful for me to handle.

And I would like to purchase a Louise Bourgeois birdcage.

People seem to be falling out of love with Marina, which is such a shame. I think she's been getting botox. I will keep you posted.

Memorial Day weekend

Not much to note other than the fact that I played the lumpkin and did nothing on Saturday, other than watch Cremaster 1 & 2 at the IFC. I walked around the Village for a bit then went straight to the aye-pee-tee and watched Weeds all day. I was just exhausted from the day before and did not want to budge.

Kell was in town so we got some brunch in the Village on Sunday. Anne Hathaway was sitting at the table next to us and was making out with her boyfriend the entire time. Hung out with Kell and Megan in the afternoon and spent the rest of the evening with Jenae and Sara in Central Park. Four hours of sun bathing and we were pooped. We spent the rest of the night huddled around the dining table (all of us) and ate Starburst and talked about everything under the sun.

Today was a studio day. Whitney invited me to go to Coney Island but I had to had to get some work done. Ginny and I took a nap somewhere in the day and I decided I needed Korean food BAD so Jenae and I hit Koreatown.

I feel like ;lskdjfoiwecmzxasdf!