Wedding Day

April 29, 2011

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.


Have a nice weekend!

Better days

Thus, with a kiss, I die

April 28, 2011

Veggie Pasta

April 27, 2011

This pasta dish can be eaten cold or hot, so it's the perfect summertime meal. It travels really well and is super light and healthy.

Out today

April 26, 2011

Make some noise

April 25, 2011

And here

Wild dreams

I was in a car (more like an Escalade) with Macaulay Culkin and his twin brother. (Mac, as Mila Kunis calls him, doesn't have a twin brother in real life.) His twin brother (who looked like Justin Bieber) looked really depressed. I asked him if he was okay and he unconvincingly said, "Yeah." I was curious as to why he was so sad so I Wiki-ed him. He had AIDS.

For some reason, I decided to kiss him. In my mind, he had AIDS and everyone knew it, therefore women were not affectionate. I took him to my family's dry cleaning business/appliance store/home. It was a giant warehouse with rows and rows of clothes and tables and tables of appliances. Then, alongside one wall there were huge cages.. where I slept. I let him sleep in a cage next to mine.

There were a couple more scenes where there were customers and I had to help them, then me dealing with employees, but after that we were at one of Nick's shows. I was jumping up and down in the crowd and being an asshole, but I'd run over to The Twin, kiss him and whisper in his ear, "I love you". He was so happy. As was I.

Gotta keep it

April 22, 2011

I'm going to be in New Jersey this weekend at 2x4 to get The Dude and hang out with little bike dudes for a day. Yay.

Photos of the Kink dudes on their bike shop tour.

No more piano players at Nordstrom.

I love Jay-Z with hair.

Street artists getting arrested because of the show at the Geffen.

Friends helping Japan. Help them help them.

Have a nice weekend. It's raining out here.

Art in the Streets

Levi's Film Workshop - Swoon & Cat Stolen for Art in the Streets at MOCA.

I love Swoon. Feminine, but not girly. Respected.

Click here to watch the video at Wooster (because Vimeo won't let you embed it, AND you can't watch it on Vimeo..).

Art in the Streets just opened at MOCA in Los Angeles. If you have no idea, here are a bunch of LA Times articles about the show. 1. 2. 3.

Number 2 is a pretty informative all-around review about that whole scene. I have my own opinions that I will keep to myself.


the face forgives the mirror, the worm forgives the plow. the question begs the answer, can you forgive me somehow?

I forgave you a long time ago.


April 21, 2011