Why am I feeling so guilty?

August 31, 2011



Come on

Ethan James

August 30, 2011

Via Ford Models Blog

Huge No. 084
September 2011
by Wataru


The Longchamp Game


Have a nice weekend

August 26, 2011

Rochester, NY. Summer 2010.
One of my favorite photos from last summer. This was the first time in 3 years The Dude experienced me under the influence. 3 years. I might've lit fireworks in a basement, instigated a group to take tequila body shots, and scolded a girl for talking shit about the homie Napkins. Sorry Rochester. Those days are long gone.

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Bill Clinton's life as a vegan.

This is cute.

A Dangerous Method trailer.

Mom threw baby off parking structure.

Levi's and Bukowski.

More budget cuts for Cal-states :\

Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy, and Andrew W.K. for Converse - "I'm a Goner"

Ryan Gosling to the rescue in New York.

New Roman Polanski film looks amazing.

Advertising perspective.

Glee Fashion's Night Out PSA.


Gwar for Altamont. I love The Boss.


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Is it possible to die from happiness?

L.E.S. circa 1968

Lower East Side from Django's Ghost on Vimeo.

This is an excerpt from the film "Last Summer Won't Happen" directed by Peter Gessner and Tom Hurwitz. The Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties" was not part of the original soundtrack.

10 years

I miss you.

When you know, you know

August 25, 2011


If only I could have all of the people I cared about it one location.

Nathan Appel

Nathan Appel will be photographing at Studio Servitus in downtown Los Angeles for SuperCult. He will be photographing all this with his handmade large format polaroid camera. This will be happening soon, maybe only once, any models interested please contact Jane Jett: studioservitu@gmail.com Nathan is one of my favorite photographers. He’s amazing. Please help spread the word =) Thank you.

Via Chase


August 24, 2011

In trying to decide between different shades of white to paint my new room (it was green), I let the numbers choose for me.

Hump day

Eye candy to get you throught the week.


I saw the model with the long hair (in the Givenchy sweater) going into his apartment one block from mine the other day.