Weird ornament

December 30, 2009

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but when I saw it it looked like a hedgehog that was hanged.. Just sayin.

God of War 3 demo

My brother got District 9 on bluray and there was a God of War 3 demo that was INSANE. We (my brother, Paul, my dad, and I) were all yelling at how crazy it was. In particular, fast forward to 1:00 in this video.


And imagine this on a huge HD television with surround sound. Yes, that's how it was. Talk about ultimate gore and violence brought to you by the guys at Sony. Maybe you guys aren't into violent video games. I mean, I'm not particular interested in them but it's still fun to watch. REALLY FUN. The amount of valor that you feel playing the game has to be intense. And now, I imagine Greek mythology this way. SO CRAZY!!

It's a Michael kind of day

December 29, 2009

You have no idea how hard I can groove to this.

Fashion Barbie's

So Comme des Garcons did a Barbie that I wasn't too fond of, but Hi. A Louboutin Barbie? LOVE IT.

I've been watching too many films from the 50's lately

I love this number because it is about a color. One terrible color. I have a strong distaste for pink but I absolutely love this. Pink will never be the new black.

I also watched Gene Kelly in An American in Paris which is terribly fabulous. Watching him dance is heavenly.

By the way, you people need to stop telling me that Nine was terrible. It's breaking my heart. I shall watch it ALONE so I have no one to influence my decisions.


came over all the way from San Jose to playyy.

But Mikey and Paul had a better time playing with Theo's toys.

My mom just got one of these and it scares the crap out of me

Sexy cow

For Andrew

December 28, 2009

And the newest


I'm already yellow, so that symptom is out of the window.
I am naturally very weak, though I have become stronger in the last 4 months.
My pee is not an abnormal color.
And.. everything on the right side of the chart is pretty much spot on.

Hi, my name is Tammy, and I am anemic.



I so desperately want to go to the gym, but my accident has left me scared to do so. I know I'll be fine, but my head hurts just walking up and down the stairs. I should take a week off, but it's already been a week since I've been to the gym.

You know that feeling? Jiggly legs, so tired you don't want to go on.. but you feel on top of the world? I need that feeling. I need legs that feel like jello or arms I can hardly lift because I'm so sore. That is a good feeling. I'm not even an excercise buff, I just need a little bit..

I can already feel my arms and shoulders turning into butter.


My lovely and dear Gaia has written a few words about this incident:

Although I don't agree with his opinion on Banksy's actions (me, being a somewhat traditional gal), I do understand what this means and what could come of it. But I wonder, Gaia. Is this piece breaking an "insecurity" in graffiti? ".. a new gesture that is unafraid of ramification or change."

I think heirarchy is important. I think tradition is important. I think change is important. Whether or not I believe Banksy this one out that much is questionable. Whether or not I believe he was trying to be "controversial" rather than revolutionary is questionable.

Read Gaia's response at Juxtapoz.

Sundays at home mean

The 3 F's.


It's weird how different my life in Baltimore is. The Dude hates football, and my busy schedule (pronounced sheh-jwel) doesn't allow for sitting at home all day on Sundays watching football. I tried to do it my second year there, but I was way too busy with life and school. But here, I'm just chillin. I'm rootin' for my dad with whoever he's going with and cheering FOR my dad is always weird because we're not going for any particular team.. we're going for numbers. Anyways, that is besides the point.

YesterSunday included brunch with my family, some lounging on the couch, a mini-nap (and I swear it was a very small nap, an hour, not three.. like it usualy is..), Sunday night game with Daddy and running around dancing going, "YES!" to the Cowboys murdering the Skins. Then some homemade Korean cooking by my Momma and a late movie with Natalie.

Life is good, ya know?

It's Complicated

This movie was amazing. It's the same people that made Somethings Gotta Give, which is a movie I can watch over, and over, and over. I love the lives of 50 something successful women dealing with men and LIFE. SO funny. Meryl was amazing and I am okay with bittersweet endings. That is life.

Maybe I should be embarassed that I loved loved this movie, but I'm not.

Meisel for Lanvin

Christmas Dinner with the family

My mom made her prime rib and I made all the sides.

Brussel sprouts roasted with bacon
Potatoes made a secret way..
Roasted Tomatoes
Carrots glazed with cognac and brown sugar, HI.
Oo and a holiday salad of spinach, cranberries, candied walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette.
For dessert was a croissant bread pudding that I only make once a year and has slowly become a Christmas tradition.
OH and both nights I made a really yummy gravy with red wine and blue cheese.

Kind of a funny story:
We were exchanging gifts after dinner (Christmas Eve) but my dad, my mom, my brother and I usually exchange gifts Sunday morning, but we just decided to do it with the rest of the extended family that night. My brother hadn't wrapped my present yet so he disappears for 2 minutes and comes down with this.

Which was my wrapping paper to him. Notice the "To" and "From" scratched out and switched around. It was soo cute. Economical gift giving is what I call it.

Christmas dinner for the girls

I guess I should wish all of you a late Merry Christmas. I had the girls over for dinner and we exchanged gifts and shtuff. I made tons of delicious food which included an 8 lb rib of beef that I roasted AND TRIMMED beautifully. I don't eat a ton of meat but I can sure as hell cook it. The festive cocktail of the night was a mix of fizzy white wine, Grand Marnier and cranberry juice. But. The pièce de résistance was my pav. Oh sweet pav!

This is my blackberry pavlova. Can we say YUMM?! All together now, Yummmmmmm! The crust melts in your mouth and the inside is as light as a cloud.

After dinner and presents, we went to visit Kelly who is recovering from back surgery. We said our Merry Christmas and went downtown. To make a long night very short, the night included Journey and Blink-182 covers by the band at the bar with tons of dancing and drinking and photos and loving. As designated driver, it was my job to make sure that all of my lovely ladies got home safely, which meant piling six girls in the back of a BMW. The night ended with me pulling Mosier out of my car because she was physically incapable.


A big part of coming home is the food

There's a restaurant in Rollin Heights called Newport. It's a Thai/Vietnamese joint that is known for the lobster that is in the center of the photo. The family and I went with another family we're close with and thought one lobster wasn't enough.

I honestly did not think we were going to finish all of the food, but we did. Somehow, we did.

And it might be hard to believe, but I hardly ate. I had an accident earlier in the day that left me under the weather and in the couch potato mood. Eating this kind of food requires stamina and tons of energy.

But I was in the mood for yogurt after :D

My mom loves Hello Kitty

And California supplies it well.

When I'm in CA, I make my men steak and eggs for breakfast

High School Musical

December 24, 2009

This was posted on LA The high school camaraderie is cute. Gwyn's man did this in 2002 right? With The Scientist video.. but maybe that was a little different.

'Tis the season

At the Huffington Post.

My mother and her iPhone

My mom just got an iPhone last week and texts me in Korean now. Not only does she text me in Korean, but she texts in Korean like a 16 year old school girl from the land of Korea. This morning, my brother and I showed her the shotgun app and she LOVES it. She kept shooting my dad and telling him to die. She also loves the zippo app because she loves zippo's.

The night I got home, my brother and I walked through the door and she does not even say Hi to me. She runs to my brother and says, "I made a ringtone!" She spent two hours watching YouTube videos trying to find a way to make ringtones. She also mentions how much she loves YouTube. She has found a best friend on YouTube that solves any iPhone n00bs problems. NOW, she has an "iPhone box" where she keeps all the iPhone accessories. The iPhone box is a Hello Kitty lunch box. Right now, at this moment, my mom is playing with her Hello Kitty "iPhone box", has Hello Kitty pajama pants on, and a Kelly Kitty blanket on her. Do you want to know the amount of Hello Kitty my mom has?

I love my mother way too much. I realized I loved her THIS much last night when I was using her camera. I was looking through her photos and she has cute pictures of herself that her best friend took at the mall, but she also has pictures of our dogs just sitting and looking in the camera. She also has photos of the Canadian geese that come to the lake in our backyard and photos of trees and their fallen leaves.

I can't explain how I felt about her right then. She takes pleasure in the smallest of things. Sometimes I feel terrible about the heartache I have caused in the last year or two or however long it has been. I mean, I always feel terrible. I'm glad it's out and we've moved forward, but I know she thinks about it all the time, as do I. I don't regret the past, I just wish it didn't include a broken heart.

Drinks and pool at Stubriks

December 22, 2009

Pool with Natalie, RJ, and Frank was so chill. We were talking about how we loved that our relationships are still in tact, because most of us don't live in F-Town anymore. Yet, we'll always come back Home for the holidays/summertime and hang out. No matter where we are in life.

Then, of course, Kristen and Rachel came and got drunk because they decided to get the elixir of death aka a Long Island iced tea.

Free Shirley Temples, good conversation and almost kicking both of the boys' butts makes for a good night.

This guy

December 21, 2009

So my "friends" have been scheming behind my back and apparently, Gaia will be doing a piece for Gentei or something. That's what my "friend" Chris at told me and my "friend" Gaia confirmed it. Haha I'm just kidding "friends". That's sick that Chris is stoked on Gaia's work as he is someone that has become very dear to me.. although the last couple weeks have been lacking in interactions due to both of our busy schedules. Either way, check out both links I have provided above and tell your "friends" about them and yadda yadda yadda.

I'm in California bitches. I have no cares.

The Dude by my brother

December 19, 2009

New York summer 2009

This is what your breakfast looks like when you're my boyfriend

Morris Louis

There is actually no point in posting photos on the internet of a Louis painting.. (or any painting..) because you can't SEE it.

Highlights of Obama's frustration in Copenhagen

Mr. President shared his frustration with an eight minute speech in the world's need to do sumthin.

Read it at HuffPo.

Hey Westcoasters

This is what I'm in right now. Sorry for the shitty iPhone photo but I refuse to step foot outside. I cracked open the downstairs door and a gush of 35mph wind shot inside and I instantly shut the door.

Don't you dare complain about 50 degree weather at night. This is what the LA Times has to say about the weather over here.

(It's weird how I read the LA Times and not the New York Times.. The New York Times website is so ugly though..

Food photography at it's finest

THIS is how you shoot food.

via Esquire's Breakfast Package.

I can't stand Steve Madden

I don't even step foot in a Steve Madden store or pick up Steve Madden shoes at Nordie's because it's gross. Not only do they blatantly rip off designer shoes, but IT'S SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE. Call me a princess because my feet physically cannot handle cheap shoes, but after the one pair I got for Prom, there is no way I'd put a foot in one of those.

I wouldn't even buy those shoes, it's just such a bummer. Like when a bunch of Marc Jacob's quilted Stam bags were floating around by Everyone, even though I would never wear a Stam bag. Or when H&M Blatantly ripped off that one dress from Chloe's Spring 07. Gr I wish I still had the photo in my phone. It's smart for H&M to partner with designers in putting out collections but everyone's still doing and will continue to do it.

I'm ranting, I just dislike copy cats.

BUT, Balenciaga did finally sue Steve Madden for the lego shoe. So yay. But it's probably not for enough money..

Hahaha Oh Karl

An itty-bitty film by Karl Lagerfeld. Ransacking Chanel stores in Paris? Who woulda thunk it.

A trend I'm not into

December 16, 2009

is studded shoes. I know Prada and Louis have been killing it with those shoes but I'm just not into it. Maybe it's the Rock-n-Roll thing that I can't get into.. the TOUGH thing. I love the Christian Laboutin red/gold pumps but it's because it's red & gold and not TOUGH. I've just never been into studded things. I'm not even into the Balenciaga bags with the studs. Doesn't read as "class". It's just.. TOUGH and not how I would want to come across.

Now that I think about it, maybe it's because people think I'm tough or as Andrew put it, "hardcore", but I'm not at all. People think I'm a bitch or carry this type of personality because I work at Gentei or used to work at The Tattoo Shop but I ain't like that. Yeah yeah whatever. I don't even care about whatchu be thinkin.

Love/Hate Chanel Pre-fall 2010



Lagerfeld was uber inspired by China, to the point of putting Chinaman rice hats on the girls.. which I wasn't really into. But I am really into the 60s housewife thing. Super sexy.

Oscar de la Renta and Donna Karan are also worth looks.

Madge for Dolce and Gabanna

Miley Cyrus' little sister

Still extremely excited about this film

The Oprah episode with interviews with the cast was on again today. Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day Lewis are both up for Golden Globes!

Mr. Gaia playing with cow heads

Gaia's flickr

Tim Burton makes Alice in Wonderland scarier than it already is

Merry Christmas turtle