All That Glitters

December 31, 2010


December 28, 2010

Natalie and I drove up to Mammoth on Tuesday and spent a couple of nights with Mosier and Mash who are spending a few months in the mountains. The drive up was a winter wonderland. There was 15+ feet of snowfall that weekend so everything was white. It was a nice mini-road trip with the best friend and we dominated the side of the road in figuring out how to put chains on my tires.

The few days were a blast. We went out at night and spent the day lounging around, reading, watching River Monsters and playing in the fresh snow. Michael and Brodie made a tunnel in the 5-foot forest of snow in front of the condo. We made a delicious steak dinner (a great group effort, by the way) and played hard. I brought a bottle of Dom Perignon and we popped that baby open Wednesday night at 3am after a night out. Kind of silly, being that we were all already pretty drunk and Dom after a nights fun seemed sort of a waste, but I guess that's how we do it. Advice to anyone and everyone: Hot tub at 3am in 20˚ while it's snowing is never a good idea.

Hit & Run

December 27, 2010

Christmas night, driving back home with my parents and brother from a relatives home. We witnessed a hit-and-run right in front of us. A black Pathfinder (maybe) and a white Expedition. The Expedition was about to switch lanes when the Pathfinder slowed down, causing the Expedition to clip the back right corner of his car pretty bad. The Pathfinder slowed down and pulled over and the Expedition kept going.

We all saw what happened and continued driving down the freeway. The Expedition was running but wasn't going very fast, so we kept up with him (as did another car) and got his plate number. It's Christmas, that's a sucky situation, so we (I) called it in.

We got home and highway patrol calls back and asks what happened. I tell him everything and at the end of the conversation asks for my name and address. I gladly help out because it seemed like a good-samaritan kind of move. My mom and dad were listening on the conversation and suggested that next time, I keep myself anonymous to the situation.

Dad: "What if the guy in the Expedition is some crazy guy and comes after you?"
Me and Mikey: "Really dad? Unless he's some crazy computer hacker or knows someone on the inside, how is he going to get my information?"
Dad: "I mean.. you never know what kind of information they give out.."

And now I'm paranoid. Why did they need my address? Why was the highway patrol number blocked?


No really though.. I'm kind of wigged out about it.

Kink in Long Beach

Indoor edit. The Dude killin' it.

Kink House indoor edit. from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

And if you haven't already seen it, here's the clip of two Kink bikes on The Price is Right.

Point Break


Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

I'm off to celebrate part two of the Christmas festivities. Have a great weekend and get some.

Christmas Eve Dinner

a la Me! Cooking Christmas dinner is my favorite favorite part of the holidaze. My mom was going to get it catered! Blasphemy.

Holiday salad with candied pecans, cranberries, and goat cheese
French onion soup stuffed mushrooms
Roasted cherry tomatoes
Mashed potatoes with dill
Sugar snaps and peas
The yummiest gravy, ever
And a 7-lb beef rib

And every year we have cranberry orange croissant bread pudding while we open presents. Do you like my holiday socks?

Mulled Wine

I meant to schedule this post on Wednesday but I was in the mountains.

Holly Jolly

December 23, 2010

More Grad Weekend

We got home and to my surprise, my brother decorated the house in gold balloons and dangly gold streamers. He's such a sweetheart. And on my bed..

my graduation gift from my mom (and dad) :)