Back in Baltimore

August 31, 2010

Whadya think?! I parted ways with my luscious locks and did the damn thing. I got back Sunday morning and have officially begun my last semester. Stoked on life.

And thennn I made thiss.. My new favorite thinggg evarr.

The Dude

The Dude's friend Dan (Foley) put this edit together while they were at Woodward a few weeks ago.

Ben Hittle at Woodward from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

Chase and Amanda are engaged!

I forgot to post this a few months ago, but it's better late than never since you guys probably didn't know.

New room

The last time I was home, I really wanted to redo my room. It was in that awkward high-school-girl-has-obviously-moved-on stage, but in my attempts I accidentally painted it a really light orange (originally a blue room), so I gave up. This trip home I reallly wanted to get the room done so I did! for the most part.

The photos below include an array of iPhone shots. I've taken out some of the trinkets Daddy gave me when I was little from his trips and have proudly displayed my W collection (starting from June 2002!). My dad also got me an amazing leopard tea table that I plan on taking with me to My first home as soon as I move back. I've painted the walls, made some throw pillows (because buying them is soo boring), and reluctantly put an American Flag above the bed because I couldn't find anything else to put it up there and I really wanted to go back to Baltimore with the room "done". It's strange that in California, I can't put anything above the bed (earthquakes). Isn't my view amazing?


August 29, 2010

Running into a thousand boys I haven't seen in 5 years is very entertaining.


If only you guys could see what I did to myself.


Christina Hendricks

August 23, 2010

LA Times Magazine has a pretty awesome interview with Christina Hendricks, not to mention five photographs that will make your drool.


Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's

August 21, 2010

I just got a pair of vintage Calvin Klein jean shorts that I have yet to wear because they are impossible to get into! I think it's in Can't Buy Me Love where a girl is getting ready for a party and she's lying on her bed while her friend zips up her pants. It's on that level. Stoked.

Real drinks

Sometimes, it's nice having a CoorsLite or a Tecate, no doubt. But sometimes, it's nice having fancy beer and a real martini. No tootie fruitie or rainbow colors.

Happy birthday King Cristobal

Since I've been back it's been nothing but family and I have been 100% satisfied. I've redone my old room from a high school girls' to a chic new bedroom, I've completed several TV on DVD's, and I've put in quite a few hours at home doing NOTHING! :) A much needed relaxation time before a hectic semester.

Finally, though, I had lunch with girls I haven't seen in a verrry long time. It's nice that some relationships stay, no matter how far away I've been (both physically and emotionally/mentally/socially). Tonight, a bunch of dudes went out for Chris' birthday. First, a secret local brewery with the most delicious of beers, then BJ's for grub.


Not joking, 2 minutes later..


My darling Eli got twelve stitches

August 17, 2010

Has Eli really been playing in the NFL for 6 years already? Where have I been? I remember watching the draft, being so excited and thinking, "Wow, you're such a pussy, but I still love you and your family." I wish I dated a guy that loves football as much as I used to. I think in the last 3 years, I've been completely out of the loop because my Dude absolutely hates football. This season, I am there.

Some rando sent this to The Dude

August 16, 2010

My nigga Ben Hittle
His halfpipe ain't little
He makes pop corn over a kettle
He's so strange he can bend metal
He rides so hard every day he gets a new pedal
He rides for Kink
His favorite color is pink
He's so fresh his farts don't even stink

Quite poetic.

Speaking of Kink, the dudes have a new DVD out called Jetlagged that you can get Fo Free at any place that sells Kink or buy a stickerpack for $3 and get it with your purchase. Aiiite?

Golf party

August 14, 2010

Once a year, my dad and his "Saturday group" of golf buddies (10 men) close down one of the courses at the Club and have a golf party.. which just means drinking heavy amounts of liquor while playing golf. Isn't that hilarious? They had two buckets filled with ice, beer, and grown up liquor. This time, my dad asked me to make some finger foods since they were playing the Lake course that runs behind the house and our house is on the 5th hole. I madez pea crostini, beef and asparagus skewers, just grilled some store bought sausages, fried cheese ravioli and the yummiest smoked mozzerella stuffed meatballs. I really thought I made too much food, but they devoured all of it. It might've had to do with the three bottles of tequila they killed also. They made me kill the last shot of Patron and moved onto Blue Label. They were wasteddd.

I haven't been out onto the course in a while and forgot that this is the view of the other side of the lake. So pretty.


Grown up house in Lala Land

Last week I went to the most beautiful house for an art show/pool party. I couldn't even believe how wonderful the house was. The man of the house is a lawyer and the woman of the house buys/sells antiques. As much as I love east coast architecture, I love the Spanish-style buildings and homes in California. No matter where the next decade takes me, I am going to end up here, in Los Angeles. Home is where the heart is, na mean.

Why are baby animals so cute?

August 13, 2010

Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans

August 11, 2010

I've been waiting for Katy Perry's new video for weeks and the anticipation was well worth it. I absolutely love how anthemic the song is. Right now, I love pop music like I loved Spice Girls and Britney and New Kids. There's a light-heartedness that I can't get anywhere else. I think that's why I can't stand Lady Gaga. I admit, some songs are catchy, but when I listen to pop music I want bubbles and rainbows and flowers and PINK (as much as I hate pink). I want a soundtrack to my life that makes me smell the beach and the sun. Not the smell of pleather and red lipstick.

The video actually makes me kind of sad. It's too reminiscent of high school: bonfires on the beach, swimming, long drives, making out with too many boys, the beach at every hour in the day.. even the Diesel jeans.

I like where she's going. From slightly homophobic lyrics and songs that "exploit" bi-curiousity as a "means to sell records", it's all coming together.

I can only listen to so much 80s hardcore and Joy Division and music that makes me want to kill myself.

It's fun. And funny.

What kind of magic spell to use

August 07, 2010

Conde Nast is moving to Ground Zero in 2014

August 06, 2010

The New York Times reported that all of Conde Nast's publications will be moving downtown in four years. I always thought it was weird that Conde Nast was in Times Square next to ESPN Zone anyway.

New Gap campaign

I know the ad is talking about shorts, but I see this more for the girlies that only wear tights. PUT SOME PANTS ON!

Jennifer Aniston as Barbara Streisand for Harper's

Love it.

The Dude at Woodward

The Dude's been at Woodward for the last few days playing with his franz and reminiscing his youth at summer camp, except this time he gets to do grown up things. This is a wee edit of them playing at a new part of the camp called The Block.


August 04, 2010

Read it here or here.


August 03, 2010

Ginny just posted a few photos on our group blog of photos from the beginning of the summer summer summer summer. And that is not Jake Gylenhaal next to me, that's Ginny's husband Colby. Hot fire.

This last photo sums up the entire program.


Not me, I swur.



I got all of this in one day. Something like a dozen dresses & rompers, 10 tops (mostly black), 5 pairs of pants, a bunch of workout clothes, a leopard duffle bag, and a partridge in a pear tree. All of the pieces with flowers and bright colors are for Natalie. Andd got these and a some aviator's when I landed on Wednesday.

And I just bought 3 pairs of pumps.. I love California. Though, I think I'm done for a while. The best part about the first photo is that is was all FREE 99! Whaatttt you say?

California dogs

Sun-bathing ALL day

That's what a hamburger's all about

Follow the leader

After driving the BMW around the first week home, I ran some errands in the 4Runner and have decided how much I prefer a big(ger) car. It's just so much more comfortable. My mom said she feels the same. "I feel stuck to the ground."

Lunch at the club with Daddy and Miguelito

First meal home

More and more, all I crave is Korean food. Good Korean food.

Hello Crabtowne, bye bye Baltimore