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January 31, 2010

I wonder what it was like


The "You Are Not Alone" video is on BET right now. I love this song but the video always creeped me out. I still can't get over how they were married for two years. I can't proclaim that I know each of them, but they seem so different. Maybe it was a publicity stunt or something, but I can't even imagine being romantic with Michael Jackson. It's like being romantic with Jesus. Or something.

A girl's gotta eat

My breakfast during the week is a bowl of oatmeal, half a grapefruit and a couple cups of coffee, so I think the weekends allow for pancakes and eggs and hash. Right?

It's official






Hopefully, July consists of other parts of Europe!

I want a puppy

Hey New York! Get to this tonight

Daniel's the best and the nicest and the coolest. Support him in his first "real" show.

The adventures of Chat Roulette

Kiki introduced me to Chat Roulette last week and though the idea terrifies me, I partake when she comes over. If only I took a screenshot of us talking to three girls from Korea as I made them dance. And a boy from Istanbul that blew the best bubbles.

Snow vs flooding rain

I've never been a huge fan of snow in Baltimore, probably because it leaves me immobile and trapped. As you know, it has been flooding in Southern California and this time, I think I'd prefer Baltimore snow than California rain. The Dude and I took a nice stroll to my studio and back and I think the combination of being properly dressed for the occasion and being arm and arm with my lover made the snowfall pleasurable.

But, I do have to stay that this winter must pass as soon as possible because I am ready to wear my spring/summer shoes!


January 27, 2010

Oh Nick Cage. How handsome you are.

Finally got February Vogue today

January 26, 2010

And although I haven't read the last two issues since I've been gone, I've been looking forward to this one.

First, those nude Christian Louboutin slingbacks, so cute. Then the Rochas outfit in the second photo, love! There are seven more photos of Burkin's and Nina Ricci and Dior and Diddy in Tom Ford so purchase this issue. Jessica Biegl is on the cover and inside she's wearing an amazing Oscar de la Renta dress. Then there's the Raquel spread that has to much MiuMiu but lots of other goodies! Ah!

Chistian Siriano for Payless

Remember him? Did that leather hippy black number for Lady Gaga/Project Runway winner.

Ugly, reminds me of someone trying to do McQueen, which sort of makes sense since he worked for Alexander McQueen. Either way, yuck. Would Payless customers buy this? I think I've explained my shoe-foot situation before. My feet physically cannot take cheap shoes/cheap leather. Which is why thrift store/vintage shoe shopping just doesn't work for me :(

Poor Balenciaga campaigns are so ugly

S/S '10. Shot by Meisel.

Pasta party!

Kiki, Matteo and The Dude came over to make homemade pasta the other night. Fun in the sun.

Chanel branding?

January 25, 2010

Lame. It just looks like you fell asleep on your purse.

I'm hardly surfing the web these days

And I blame time, school, and an honest lack of enthusiasm for the internet. I just do this, read some new and log off. I should be keeping an eye on my friends and what they're doing, so here I am reminding you to please check out the people on the right side of this page.

Beau has got Prada's S/S '10 lookbook plus some photos of Kate MccGwire's work.

Oliver just got his hands on some serious stickers and patches that should be up for grabs at Shop Gentei soon. Also, big news for Cut-Rate coming soon.

Jake has got some sweet Thomas Hooper do-it-yourself iPhone cases going on, which I had no idea about. Thomas Hooper has been killing it as of late.

Grace has some new illustrations up that make me want to cuddle in bed with a puppy I don't have.

Anddd Pete is spending most of his alone time on Chat Roulette and uploading photos of foliage, whilst listening to Taylor Swift.

- - - - -

All of the friends listed above are blogspot blogs. All the cool shit goes down on blogspot, maybe because it's OG. Tumblr creeps me out with the re-postings and how easy it is. It feels impersonal. Maybe it's the young kids with tumblr that are into things like cute pictures of couples amongst autumn leaves or tattoos or cute things from Urban Outfitters or cute outfits. All things "cute". Except Kiki, of course. It seems that Tumblr people are forever connected through this giant web of frilly web layouts and circulated photos that ultimately mean nothing.

Although, everything I post essentially means nothing.

L.A. beaches not looking so pretty

Story at LA


The Coachella line-up has been up for a couple weeks now. Doesn't look very exciting. I'm definitely into a few little names, but not worth the hike.




Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Rain to start the first Monday of my last school year.

I remember growing up, listening to The Carpenters, thinking that Karen Carpenter was probably the most beautiful woman in the world. But she's not very pretty.. but that voice. That voice.

Also, for any Carpenter's fans or anyone that wants to know what the heck a Karen Carpenter is, this is an amazing docu/short film about The Carpenters and Karen Carpenter's decent into her death from anorexia. Not only is it an insight into the life of, but it's cryptically portrayed with Barbie and Ken dolls and miniature everything. Made in 1987, a very good year.

Maybe I'm the only one that still listens to The Carpenters on the regular, especially in the winter. How much I wish to bring back this sort of 70's melancholic pop music.


January 23, 2010

Jen Collins.


January 22, 2010

Raquel Zimmerman for Alexander McQueen

Photo by Nick Knight

We once thought this new millenium was For technology

LA Times put up an article on the unforeseeable future for photographers and graphic designers (and basically all creative minds in technology) without a solid income because most of these images/programs are going on the web for us to see/use for freebies! The New York Times has already planned on charging their online readers and I'm sure others will follow.

But isn't this like the Napster thing? Once the music industry was low and down because of the internet but the following year CD sales went back up. I don't know anything about the revenue of the whole world's music industry and I'm sure it's not going that well, but it's still surviving. I could continue with the analogy but I've only had half a cup of coffee.

Oh yes, read the article here.

H for Heidi

January 21, 2010

She's so crazy.

It's weird that she's only 23 and this surgery makes her look 50. You know, those 50 year old women that get TONS of plastic surgery done to look younger. So, you essentially "look younger" but she looks like a 50 year old lady trying to "look younger". She looks like the Cat Lady. On top of her 10+ surgeries in one sitting, she puts God in the mix. In short, "God made me, God made my doctor, God blessed me with this career (aka all this money) to have this procedure done by the God-made doctor." No wonder people think Christian's are crazy.

I guess we can talk about "What is beauty?" for days, but really. How do people think that blonde hair, huge boobies, a "bomb shell" figure and big lips is The Ultimate form of beauty? Miranda Kerr below, for example. Yes, Victoria Secret models are on another level of beauty and I'm sure they've gotten some surgery done, but her features entail none of the aforementioned list. Or let's look at Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Never touched by the knife, still beautiful. GORGEOUS. It's irritating.

All we need is Miranda Kerr

And if she's naked, even better.

More photos and the article at

Why is Beckham's junk always just.. out there? For everyone?

Sex ed with The Rock

AZN's + origami

I can make a crane, a ball, a rose.. along with a few other things. But I have yet to master this.

We've all been in this situation. This is to help you out.

Good morning Baltimore!

I've been back for a few days now and I just missed some ridiculous weather in LA.

Poor Los Angeles. Looks like hell.

Natacha Marro

January 20, 2010

Last time I posted this photo of the shooz. But now I found thesssse.

So crazy!


Last time I posted Chloe Sevigny in ugly MiuMiu. This is not ugly.

Marion Cotillard in LA and in CL

January 19, 2010

photogged by Mason Poole

Once upon a time