January 20, 2012

December 2011. Top of the Rock, New York, NY.

This is Evan's cousin Beaty (BAY-dee). In a certain light she looks like Blake Lively, which is great, but can be awkward (to me). Beaty and her father visited New York on one of the coldest weekends in Manhattan. Luckily, I have my Woolrich parka that has been saving my cold California ass.

- - - - -

We haven't done this in a while:

Dozens of killer whales thrill Southern California sightseers.

Etta James has passed.

Condé Nast adds 133,000 square feet to 1 World Trade Center.

NSFW: Travis Barker's penis. (Yes, really)

An update with what's going on with SOPA and PIPA.

25 adorable puppies!

US teen pregnancy remains highest in developed world.

Mad Men Season 5 premiere poster causes controversy.

Sunset on Sunet

Must see: Obama sings some Al Green.

50 of the most beautiful women in film.

- - - - -

I can't be the type of girl that takes pictures of herself (i.e. in the mirror) to post on the internet. Only recently have I been posting pictures of myself on Fridays, just to remind you (and myself) that I am not a robot or some mysterious entity in cyberspace. I know what I look like and I know how that look is described, but broadcasting that is a bit silly.

I think it could be attributed to the fact that I judge those types of girls in a certain way: You must not have had much attention growing up. I grew up being told I was beautiful and smart nearly every day of my life. I was loved and spotlit. I wasn't ignored or overseen. I think we live in a world where the attention of those around us isn't enough. Attention (acceptance, affirmation, approval etc.) is sought through the internet. Certain types of girls post images of themselves, but it is to reaffirm an ego. No one is going to tell you you're ugly, because you're not. The "likes" and the "ooh's" and "ahh's" are expected. If I needed that, I'd do the same thing because I know I'd get that response.

I shouldn't judge those girls that have this supposed "lack of attention" that I am claiming. It can't be their fault. But to me, that sort of behavior is weak.

weak [week]
1. not strong; liable to yield, break, or collapse under pressure or strain; fragile; frail.
2. not having much political strength, governing power, or authority.
3. mentally or intellectually deficient.
4. lacking firmness of character or strength of will.

Have a great weekend!