A Few Things

June 29, 2012

We rang in Evan's birthday at the Sake Bar with an inside-out German chocolate cake I very quickly whipped together. Castro wished him a Happy Father's Day and for dinner.. fried chicken dinner. Evan's mom came to visit him this week for his birthday and we did a whole lot of touristy stuff and a lot of hanging out. I am most certain I left my Ray Ban's on Staten Island.

- - -

A Terry Richardson spoof

Healthcare upheld!

W Magazine interviews Karlie Kloss

The Art of Packing from Louis Vuitton

Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi eloped? I respect you less, G..

"Why'd you lead cops on this [car] chase?" "Because I got swag."

Sometimes, you just listen to those stereotypes

Megan Fox's baby bump is the only time a Prego makes me want to puke

West Nile Virus found in Orange County, CA

The Spice Girls reunite (temporarily)

Kanye's KK view after sexytime

Magic Mike opens today

- - -

The office is slowing down and all I have is anxiety with the possibility that things in my life could be changing at the drop of a hat. I hate that I found out about this possibility weeks ago and still have to wait weeks to find out. I'd much rather hear the news later because this waiting is miserable. It's not impatience--it's the anticipation that is killing me. When speaking to my dad about the possibility of said venture, he said that if it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out and it wasn't meant to be. It's not a happy feeling, but it's a feeling I am willing to accept.

Who knows, I could still be here, doing this.