A Few Things

December 14, 2012

October 2012. New York, NY. Photo via Evan

I love my bicycle.

- - -

Elle Fanning & John Hawkes in a new Sigur Ros video.

Asap, Kendrick Lamar, Drake & 2 Chainz video for "Fuckin' Problems".

Rachael gives the internet some advice with her face.

NYT: Profiting from a child illiteracy. Sick sad world.

Man of Steel trailer.

Monkeys doing cannonballs into a pool

B. Smyth & 2 Chainz video, "Leggo".

BREAKING: A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

Fawzia Koofi for President of Afghanistan.

Check your horoscope for the day.

Radiolab - "Struggle Pumps".

Obama sides with the reefer addicts.

Justin Bieber's dancers flight get cancelled--they make the most of it.

Evan and I saw Les Miserables last week.

- - -

This is how life works:

You watch a movie on a Thursday night. Then Friday, you meet one of the actor's in the movie at work (unexpectedly) and it turns out you're neighbors and have the same kind of dog and the issues that type of dog brings.

Have a great weekend!