Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free

January 23, 2013

This video has nothing to do with what I'm going to say next, but I discovered this YouTube channel and I like what they offer. Short and sweet videos on a few things of interest (to me).

I don't think it's a new thing or any kind of trend that gluten is not-so bueno but more and more, I'm willing to part with it. Not for skinny reasons but because I strongly believe gluten can be detrimental to your health, but like most things, only in excess. The same with dairy. And it's different now because in my heart of hearts, I don't want it, unless I want it--if that makes any sense.

In most aspects of my life, I don't believe in absolutes. I don't ever want to eliminate options and opportunities so I don't want to, ever, come to a point where I can't (strongly shouldn't) have red meat or dairy or gluten or candy or sugar or ice cream. But, in this day and age, these types of things are too available for us. Now that I'm getting older, I'm really thinking about the long term effects of.. everything. Which means you cut out the cheese at every meal and the bacon every weekend and the bread on top of the bread. It's not a qualm though, because if I want it, I can have it. So when I want "it" at a dinner out with girl friends, I'll have it.

But keep the soy products and corn products out. Foshodo.