Valentine's Recap

February 19, 2013

You are.. to me

I woke up to this cute banner, two Valentine's balloons, two dozen roses, and freshly brewed coffee from my darling man. It was a great way to wake up to a long Thursday. I left for work after sitting and admiring my morning gift in anticipation of our dinner date at Cherry.

We started the evening with a Manhattan (for me) and an Old Fashioned (for him). We were seated in our plush seats and greeted by the sommelier. We'd later have a couple of great visits from Chef Justin, who provided complimentary dishes of flatbread-type things, crispy Tuna and *drumroll* FOIE GRAS MOUSSE.

Evan and I have never had foie gras because we don't believe in foie gras. However, I am never one to be rude and decline a generous gift from a friend. So we ate it.

Hm, how do I explain this taste.. Oh yes, like this.

I'm glad I tried it, but it is the craziest taste I have ever had in my entire life. There is nothing that compares to that taste. I think some barny cheeses have the potential to taste like that foie gras mousse but I can't think of anything that can taste like that foie gras mousse. My mind was blown and confused and angry. And the hardest part was trying to finish it because we weren't going to let that poor duck be tortured in vain. Toward the end, we decided to do the ever-so-stealth smearing of the food to make it look like we ate it (sorry Justin).

Justin closed the meal with a delicious dessert topped with salty gold leaf (!!!) and by the end of the night, I was falling over in my chair from being absolutely wasted (I was drinking sake) and being completely stuffed into a coma.