Plus / Minus

February 14, 2009

I finally saw Control and I'm a little impartial to it. I think it's a great story about a completely devoted individual and the happenstance of his role in music's history and what he means to so many people. My favorite quote from the movie was when Ian Curtis says something like, "What they don't understand is when I'm up there, I'm giving everything I have, and it's exhausting." That's probably no where near what he says, but you get the idea. It's like the music is sucking the energy right out of him, like everything he has is devoted to those single moments. But also lies the back story about his relationshipS. Perhaps it's because it touches too close to home (or has the capability to), but it was difficult watching his relationship and the anguish between the two. Boy goes off and plays with his friends, doing what he loves. Girl stays home, taking care of the life she built for the two, not the life she desired for herself. It's tough, but I feel like it's a situation many can relate to because it seems to happen often.

Anyways, this is a tattoo Thomas Hooper did almost a year ago. I can't find the completed piece, but it was done in one session. Pretty gnarls.