Don't listen to her

February 05, 2009

In semi-dramatic moments in one's life, one tends to run to friends and family for advice. In my experiences, I've come across some pretty radical advice.. advice that doesn't suit me. People that I trust The Most give me their take on my situation and I listen. But now, I'm not taking advice from anyone. An outside opinion is important, but I feel as though only you, and you alone, know what's best for you. Just like only the two individuals in a relationship know what's best for the relationship because no one else really knows what's going on (not to say that the advice one is getting is bad).

Dan has been the best supporter in the mini-drama as of late. He doesn't give me advice, but asks me questions, questions that I should ask myself. He doesn't do the "well if III was in the situation", because he's not and we are different people. If anything, he was just someone I can speak out loud to, where I could clear my thoughts and sort out my situation. Radical decisions weren't made due to radical women giving me advice. In a vulnerable state, it's easy to be influenced by other people's words.. but listening to yourself is important.

But that is assuming that the individual is halfway sane. Logical. Fair. See's both sides. Understand's the fault and one's own fault. Blah blah blah, which most people aren't.