March 30, 2012

Working hard
I am really lucky to get to go to the theatre at least once a month. This month, alone, I have gone three times (Death of a Salesman, Once, and tonight, End of the Rainbow). It's easy to take advantage of things like that in a world where going to the theatre is normal and almost assumed. Never, do I want to take advantage of such a luxury. The word "blessed" seems passé or silly but it's the only word I can use to describe my life right now. "Luck" doesn't seem to be it, because I'm passed luck at this point.

- - - - -

Obama's sexy singing

It wouldn't hurt to buy a lottery ticket

New Best Coast single, "The Only Place". California is the only place.

Oklahoma City beat the Lakers last night

Party recovery patch?

Weegee article at the LA Times Magazine

An 86-year old gymanst kills it

ALT gets his own reality show

Rachael was in NYC and I didn't even know

Vanity Fair talks about Ashtanga, rich bitches with money that ruin it, and the importance of respect and tradition.

- - - - -

This weekend I will be cooking, attending a Pete & Pete-za party, going to the theatre, having brunch in Brooklyn, and doing laundry. The weekends are too short, especially when you spend one of those days without your lover.

Have a nice weekend~