March 08, 2011

Drama in the fashion industry. It's fun, but it's too pathetic. But I guess the same goes for drama in sports or celebratty bs and the like. My brother thinks the NBA is modern slave trading (not because the players are black) and if I were to look at it from an aerial view.. definitely. Everything is so dramatic. I wish I could just go to a quiet bar, dress fabulous, and have a quiet (but very strong) drink.

I had a dream about Jake the other night. We real-talked about the moves I might be making soon, so it wasn't anything craze, just made me miss him.

Nobody understands my dry, slightly inappropriate humor. Jake and Arj get it, but I just make everyone else feel awkward. Which is also funny. Sometimes, when people make "Asian" references, I tell them I'm offended. And they feel awkward about it. But I just laugh.. on the inside. Because it's funnier when I laugh on the inside.

My dog is snoring.