April 01, 2011

Christine's birthday with more azn's. Some guys camera.

It's extra hot in LA right now. Jealous? Don't be, it's too hot.

Support her 110%, but your team didn't have you test the outfit out before you went on national television? Come on people.

An ode to Kelly.

I'm not into hotdogs or fries, but these were dank. Belgian hotdogs, beers, and fries. What the.

New Katy and Kanye video. I h8 aliens.

Last weekend I had a lot of fun. This week I had more fun. This weekend I plan on chillin.

I haven't been around much this week and I don't plan on being around much next week either. I've been preoccupied with friends, family, and the little time I have left in California. Life is coming fast, but not fast enough, yet I'm taking my time living. It's a strange thing that life. I've been making some yummy things that I want to show you and I promise to have those together soon enough. I hope you're enjoying the collages I've been providing because sometimes, I find myself coming to this place and looking at those images over and over. I am lusting after a Dolce & Gabbana bag but I can't find it online, anywhere. Which means I must have it.

Have a fun-filled weekend!