Have a nice weekend

October 21, 2011

October 2011. New York, New York.

I was walking up 6th Avenue the other day, running an errand for my boss. I got to my destination and forgot something important and had to walk the five blocks back to the office. I was so annoyed and became instantly pouty. Halfway back to the office, I realized that I was getting angry about taking a break from the computer and walking in the great fall weather, all the while getting paid for it. I'm so incredibly lucky to work where I work, let alone have a job. I have no reason to complain about my life, even if I have something to complain about.

- - - - -

Lindsay Lohan's face looks disgusting.

New Rihanna video featuring "Chris Brown".

GOP Presidential Candidate Debate: Romney and Perry get feisty.

Zachary Quinto, casually, comes out (finally).

Double Dagger calls is quits.

NY Mag meets Joan Didion.

Waka Flocka in my hood.

Coachella lineup announced!

Jerry Hsu's hair is purple.

Occupy Wall Street: 1 Marine vs 30 NYPD cops.

I love a hamburger but this is disgusting.

- - - - -

You can think what you want about Moammar Gadhafi but that video of him being captured makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe I am being too sympathetic, but no one deserves to have their most vulnerable and humiliating state blasted all over the world. I know he's done some awful things and has ruined families etc, but.. that video is sad. He touches his head and looks at his fingers to see if he's bleeding as he is being tugged in every direction. It's barbaric. I believe in war but I don't believe in that. I don't know, I guess war is barbaric though.

I don't know.