1.. 2.. 3..

January 23, 2009

I think this is my 4th or 5th iPhone.

Note to self: Do not leave phone in pocket while helping friends move. It could fall out and plummet 4 floors to utter disaster.

When I went to the apple store to retrieve my new phone (I upgraded to a 3G but I miss the regular-ass one), I cruised by the HUGE new Forever21 that opened up directly across from H&M. I went inside for about 2 minutes and headed right back out. I think I'm sick of that damn turquoise flannel that everyone has. It's the worst when one can be like, "Oh hey, you got that at [insert store name]". But I also think I'm sick of flannels on girls in general. Boys do lovely in them, but I feel like girls have overdone it. Blegh. Although, the Dude and I stumbled across a gold mine of flannels in search for a new blanket.