January 20, 2009

Aye where do I begin.

Three weeks in California was good. I didn’t do much.. but that’s exactly what I needed. I spent a lot of time with my family, which was numero uno on my list of To Do’s. I got to see old friends and didn’t get to see some at all. I ate lots of Pinkberry, watched three seasons of House, two seasons of Weeds, almost all of Band of Brothers, and got through a terrible book I’ve been fighting to finish (which isn’t even worth mentioning).

I need everyone to add Chase Lisbon on Flickr, and join Zivity and vote for his new set that is going up on Monday. I know the Zivity thing won’t happen, but please add this Flickr profile.

A few friends opened up a bike shop down the street and I'm so proud. It's one thing to work at Gentei where the shop is more established and well known throughout the street-wear/track bike world, but this is a real bike shop with real dudes that love bikes. It's nice hanging out after hours while the dudes drink beers and watch YouTube videos. People are starting to do things.. so please support the guys at BBW.

Nick's band is playing at Chain Reaction this Friday.

I know it's late notice, but if you're in the Los Angeles area tonight, stop by Heaven at the Silverlake Lounge.

We went to the Dude’s folks house to pick up a sleeping bag for the trip he is currently on but ended up spending the whole day there. We played in the attic and dug up his past: old board games, clothes, school projects, toys.. etc. It was awesome.

He started playing with his camera and I got to play model for an afternoon. I have cry baby face because I just finished crying about 15 minutes before he started taking pictures of me. After all of the hard work, we stuffed our faces at an awesome Chinese restaurant in the hood.

I had been waiting to come back to Baltimore to watch Gran Torino with the Dude and it was definitely worth the wait. His brother told him it was good, but really racist, and I read a few reviews about Clint Eastwood’s character being racist.. but I don’t think the movie is about racism at all, but more about culture and the differences in generations in these cultures vs other cultures.

It got me thinking though. White people will never know what racism is. Even though I’ve grown up being the only Asian person in any group of friends, I’ve definitely come across malicious comments in my day. And it’s not even situations where Derek will tell me that I have SARS or something, because that’s just Derek being Derek and finding a joke in a situation. I don’t know, I guess I can’t explain it. But I’m just saying, white people will never know what it’s like to be black, yellow, or brown. It’s just the way it is, no matter how far we’ve come in society.

Anywaysss, back to the Dude. I love him :)

Chris and I had a semi-heated discussion on the Obama situation. As much as I refrain from talking about any politics for frustration of other peoples own opinions, talking to Chris was nice. He claims he is sick of Obama because of what a phony image the media has put on him and how much he is glorified, when in reality he can't really change much. He says he hates the fact that Obama has become a trend and that it's dulled down to being "cool". I definitely understand where he's coming from, and agree with him to a certain extent.. but I think it's such a positive "trend". In four years, I doubt he can do much to change the world. Chris claims that he is not going to make the poor man richer, but people think that he will. I definitely don't believe that Obama can better the lives of every individual, but I think the most important thing about him being our President is that the attitude of the whole country has changed.

Attitude. I kept telling Chris that it's all about the attitude. There is already such a positive energy out there and I think everyone can feel it. Yes, Obama's face has become an icon and perhaps a false understanding of what the future will bring.. but I think Sheppard Fairey's HOPE posters really exemplifies what he brings to the table. He gives us hope that our lives might be better. He might not change everything, but at least our hope is back, and I think that's the most important thing.

I kind of got mad at him for being such a negative energy in the universe. So what if the country is following this new trend. So what if people are being manipulated by the media as they put Obama on a pedestal. And so what if he might not change much. But people are happy and a hope that was taken away over the last decade is now restored. He might not change the individual directly, but he makes people want to become a better person. Maybe in that light, the poor man might get up and try harder to bring in the loot. Na mean?