"I need a love that is greater than the love I lost."

January 08, 2009

Someone close to me is turning 29 and without a love, not a prospect in sight. The men she dates don't stand a chance because they don't compare to her past love. I envy that past love. It was a great love. They were perfect. After four years of separation I still hoped that it'd work out, that after all of this time, after "seeing what else was out there", he'd be the one, her great love. Because it was a great love.

"I need a love that is greater than the love I've lost."

But what if a greater love does not exist? I am not the aforementioned person, so how can I expect my life to be the same, to fear for the same.

Every girl wants a great love story. But "great" means something different to each person. "Great", to me, is when he opens a water bottle for me, not the door. "Great" is when he surprises me with a juice that I like, not flowers. "Great" is when it hurts the most and when I am the most happy.

I know, wah wah.