Here's the thing

February 18, 2010

When putting on a little bike documentary screening in Baltimore, you have to include the little kids that actually ride little bikes. When making it 21+ at a bar on North Avenue on a Wednesday night, you kind of exclude all of those kids. Instead, it's put on by a group of hipsters that call themselves something ridiculous that don't ride little bikes. Did you even know that you can find over a dozen dude's that ride little bikes at Charm on Tuesday nights? Maybe they're not as cool as Baltimore hipsters who ride track bikes (or even some of the guys that do ride BMX in the area) and do tricks at the lot across the street from my apartment.. but they're the kids that actually ride BMX and go to FBM events. The Dude is probably the only one that actually knows the guy that put the documentary together and has gone to every big event FBM has put on, not to mention the guy that runs the company.

It pisses me off.