Golf party

August 14, 2010

Once a year, my dad and his "Saturday group" of golf buddies (10 men) close down one of the courses at the Club and have a golf party.. which just means drinking heavy amounts of liquor while playing golf. Isn't that hilarious? They had two buckets filled with ice, beer, and grown up liquor. This time, my dad asked me to make some finger foods since they were playing the Lake course that runs behind the house and our house is on the 5th hole. I madez pea crostini, beef and asparagus skewers, just grilled some store bought sausages, fried cheese ravioli and the yummiest smoked mozzerella stuffed meatballs. I really thought I made too much food, but they devoured all of it. It might've had to do with the three bottles of tequila they killed also. They made me kill the last shot of Patron and moved onto Blue Label. They were wasteddd.

I haven't been out onto the course in a while and forgot that this is the view of the other side of the lake. So pretty.