New room

August 31, 2010

The last time I was home, I really wanted to redo my room. It was in that awkward high-school-girl-has-obviously-moved-on stage, but in my attempts I accidentally painted it a really light orange (originally a blue room), so I gave up. This trip home I reallly wanted to get the room done so I did! for the most part.

The photos below include an array of iPhone shots. I've taken out some of the trinkets Daddy gave me when I was little from his trips and have proudly displayed my W collection (starting from June 2002!). My dad also got me an amazing leopard tea table that I plan on taking with me to My first home as soon as I move back. I've painted the walls, made some throw pillows (because buying them is soo boring), and reluctantly put an American Flag above the bed because I couldn't find anything else to put it up there and I really wanted to go back to Baltimore with the room "done". It's strange that in California, I can't put anything above the bed (earthquakes). Isn't my view amazing?