Imma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans

August 11, 2010

I've been waiting for Katy Perry's new video for weeks and the anticipation was well worth it. I absolutely love how anthemic the song is. Right now, I love pop music like I loved Spice Girls and Britney and New Kids. There's a light-heartedness that I can't get anywhere else. I think that's why I can't stand Lady Gaga. I admit, some songs are catchy, but when I listen to pop music I want bubbles and rainbows and flowers and PINK (as much as I hate pink). I want a soundtrack to my life that makes me smell the beach and the sun. Not the smell of pleather and red lipstick.

The video actually makes me kind of sad. It's too reminiscent of high school: bonfires on the beach, swimming, long drives, making out with too many boys, the beach at every hour in the day.. even the Diesel jeans.

I like where she's going. From slightly homophobic lyrics and songs that "exploit" bi-curiousity as a "means to sell records", it's all coming together.

I can only listen to so much 80s hardcore and Joy Division and music that makes me want to kill myself.

It's fun. And funny.