Family BBQ/Daddy's birfday

January 12, 2011

Around here, we do things right. We bought 25 lbs of carne asada meat and Esther did her magic to 'em the night before the bbq. Pico de gallo, guac, salsa, arroz, frijoles, and I did a chocolate sheet cake for Dad. We spent all day eating and watching football. Half of the bunch took a nap after round one and we did a second round of tacos for dinner, along with some "birthday soup" my mom made for my dad.

In the morning, with all the leftovers, we did migas, refried beans, an avocado and tomato ensalata and rice. The Texas crew left yestermorning and it's nice to have the house down to four (as opposed to 14). I miss 'em already though.