Happy New Year

January 03, 2011

I hope all your weekends were fun and safe. I rang in the New Year with the not-so-usual crowd and people I haven't seen in quite a few years. We went to a bar in Little Tokyo while drunk friends didn't even know it was countdown time. Spent the night dancing and drinking extensively. What's nice about coming home is that I never seem to have to buy too many drinks, yet I am fully hydrated. There was always a drink (a shot of something) in my hand and the last drink I remember was blue.. Stacy later told me it's called an "Adios Mother Fucker"--vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Blue Curacao and some fizzy. I think I refused to drink it, thank God. I would've been dead. We drank all of the Patron at the bar and there were 500 cops out front later because a fight broke out. Thankfully, my friend lives down the street from me and got me and Stacy (my one night stand) to my home safely.

The next morning was rough and my parents poked fun at me all day. Korean New Years requires a lot of family time so I couldn't spend the day recuperating. From 8am-10pm, I was up and being chipper. Luckily, I felt better around 2:00. Note to self: Don't mix colors and just because it appears in your hand doesn't mean you have to drink it.

Happy 2011~