"The French Cuff"

May 09, 2011

Via Garance Doré

Sometimes, I detest "fashion". Especially "fashion blogs". Making a big deal out of nothing, calling something something that used to be nothing.. it all gets too self-important and serious. Now, something as simple as me tucking my cuff under because I don't have time to have them hemmed is now going to be called a "French Cuff". Ah tres chic!

I also think that Scott Schuman's open distaste for The Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton's style is tacky and soo not chic.

"So are you actually interested in the royal wedding? I understand the historical significance of this event, and how important it is to the UK. It's also a great story for the media. But are you actually, really interested in the royal wedding? How many of you are going to be watching at 6 AM tomorrow morning?"

And when asked by Style.com, "OK, so you’re not Kate Middleton’s mystery designer. But if you saw her walking down the street, would you shoot her?" He replies with, "Uh…next question."

I can appreciate and respect this dynamic duo's impact on style for the little people out in the world, but come on.