Long Weekend

May 27, 2011

Sorry for things being so stale 'round these parts. I spend my work day surfing the internet so I get pretty tired of it when I get home. Most of the rich New Yorkers are going to the Hamptons this weekend and I'm not rich or a New Yorker so I'll be here with the rest of the tourists.

Paint your toes with real snake skin.

My roommate and his Tumblr famous girlfriend make me want to puke.

Beyonce's Billboard performance gives me chills.

First, vagazzling. Now, penazzling.

This months GQ has an article about psychopaths always being in positions of power (CEO's, Editor's in Chief.. etc) which I found quite amusing. Alexander Skarsgard is on the cover so you should grab it anyway.

I'm already over the weekend but it's going to be a long one so I need to find something to amuse me (like start another TV show). Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.