A Few Things

July 20, 2012

RRL. East Hampton, New York.
I spent the earlier part of the week in the Hamptons, enjoying some sun and much-needed personal relaxation. It's was ridiculously hot but the beach and cool water made it bearable.

As beautiful as Amagansett was, I can't imagine driving or taking the train 3+ hours to go to the beach barely 48 hours. It seems like much too much effort for something that used to take me 20 minutes at home. I would rather take a 3 hour train to DC or a shorter train to Baltimore.. or even take a trip just a bit further, somewhere I've never been. I guess I don't hate NYC and my job that much to feel the need to get away that often.

- - -

Listen to the 911 calls in Aurora.

No Doubt's new video and Gwen Stefani's best fashion moments.

This lion does not look real.

American Nightmare - "Hearts".

Forensic linguistics in this week's New Yorker.

Total Recall re-up and the 3-breasted woman.

The latest on Katie Holmes.

- - -

Tonight, I will be attending a small dinner party at the home of a legend who I am honored even knows I exist. I will be leaving the soirée earlier to see a band play at Webster Hall. Hopefully, I may end my night with the company of good friends, an even better love, and a big glass of wine.

Have a great weekend!