A Few Things

July 06, 2012

Taken by Beth

Since the weather has warmed up, Evan has been having a hard time getting a cab because a lot of cabby's think he wants to go to Brooklyn (for very obvious reasons). I honestly didn't understand why lit cabs were flying past him and he says it's because they think he's going to Williamsburg (when he actually lives in the East Village). One time, we were on the Upper West Side around 11pm and I, very literally, saw a cab slow down to get him then swerve away and speed off because they got a closer look at his arms.

I'm very amused by this because it's the only instance where a good-looking white man will understand prejudice. Being a white man is the most privileged skin to live in, no matter what time you live in and no matter how diverse your community is. I can't help but laugh when I see this happen because he gets really frustrated by it. But there is nothing he can do because it's the way he is and the way he'll look forever.

Now, in the summer, I have to hail the cabs.

- - -

Anderson Cooper: "I'm gay." Duh, babe.

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I am still not a fan of the top bun/knot.

Have a nice weekend!