A Few Things

July 13, 2012

Squishy, lying down face in Tompkins Square Park

Dolce & Gabbana is my favorite House--hands down. So, when the dudes said they were doing a couture in Paris, I died. They decided to go Tom Ford on us and only let a few people in and no photogs. Luckily, Vogue shot the collection and I saw the dresses a few days ago. Now, Vogue UK has posted images from the show. I want to die. It's better than life.

- - -

Twelve O'Clock Boys movie trailer. Yeah Baltimore

A very interesting fountain

Graveyard fracking

Video diary shows plan to kill family

10 arrested at ArtWalk in LA

I am dying for a Great Adventure

There's a shark behind you

Group anorexia cleanses in the workplace

Teen Vogue rude to protestors

Rachael changed her website

Download Azealia Bank's mixtape

- - -

I'm kind of obsessed with the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. I don't think it'd be as interesting if Tom wasn't a Scientologist and absolutely insane in his brain. Anything I read (be it complete bullshit or somewhat true), I wonder what part Scientology had in it. I am Team Katie.

Have a nice weekend!