A Few Things

November 02, 2012

October 30, 2012. New York, NY.

- - -

There was a huge hurricane in NYC.

Donald Trump on Twitter talks Obama/Sandy/Election.

SJP looks itty bitty next to L'Wren Scott.

Our President has my kind of humor.

Lena Dunham on her first time (voting).

Sex with Sandy.

This website shows how pathetic girls can be.

Hoping to have power back today.

A very strange, cute Echidna Puggle.

Ellen dresses up as Sophia Vergara for Halloween.

- - -

I'm glad everyone had a fun, power-filled Halloween. Lower Manhattan is as bad as the news has been making it out to be. It's pretty amazing how unaffected midtown and upper Manhattan is. My neighborhood is still without power and people's homes and basements are only just beginning to recover from the hurricane. As bad as this event was/is, I've been fine. Troy and Jenny have hot water so hot showers are readily available, Satsko has been a great place of refuge and a place to meet neighborhood friends, and the community has been pulling together in helping one another.

More than anything, I love that our phone's haven't been working. It's back to the times of, "Let's meet at this corner at 1pm," or knocking on someone's door to see if they're home. We've been improvising with food and hanging out by candlelight. It's a very simple kind of life.