A Few Things

November 09, 2012

New York, NY. November 2012.

Don't you love it when people you don't really know get at you via Facebook and want to "catch up" but they really just want to crash at your Manhattan apartment? Then, when you tell them you're going to be out of town that weekend but can catch up/crash another time, there's no "sure!", just radio silence.

- - -

An aerial shot of Manhattan during the blackout.

Official video: Snoop Lion's "La La La".

Refused reunion comes to an end.

Suicide Silence's Mitch Lucker killed in motorbike crash.

The damage along the Jersey Shore.

Blonde Redhead playing NYC's Irving Plaza on NYE. Damnit.

New badgalriri video for "Diamonds".

Evan posted new photos--Sandy Zine to come.

- - -

Finally got hot water back. And get to keep my current President. Yee.

Have a good weekend~