Extra beautiful day

April 04, 2009

The Dude and I started the day with Indian buffet. When we walked in, there was not a single customer in there. None of the food had been touched. It was crazy. About 5 minutes later, a bunch of people walked in. It was nice/weird being in there all alone. Since the Dude is temporarily crippled due to his tattooage yesterday, we went on a light stroll. Him on my bike, me on his. No shreddage allowed for the Dude.

The fountain down by the Monument isn't filled with water yet, so we decided to sit and chill. I taught the Dude how to pop the pedals that had fallen from the tree, then some little kids came over and wanted to learn as well.

The Dude and I have never been to Chipotle together, nor have we been since we started dating, so we decided to ride down to the harbor and get some for dinner. (We played at the blocks for a little first.)

Today was a really nice day.