Tooth Fairy

April 30, 2009

Lucky for the Dude, his dad is a dentist so getting his chipped tooth fixed is no problem at all. We went into the office before hours and I got to play assistant to the Dude's dad :)

It's spring time and the flowers are too pretty to be ignored. The first one is at the office and the rest are at the Dude's house.

Some very nice people provided the Dude with some goods.

People don't know how big of an animal/insect/all-things-in-nature Lover the Dude is. And it's not just, "Aw I love this dog or cat." He loves all of the animals. It's really cute. He found this inch worm on his pants and named him Inchy. It's like he's one with nature. He let Inchy go after playing with him for half an hour.

Then the Dude's mom bought us dinner. How nice!