The New Howards

May 22, 2009

After months of renovation, the Howard's we used to go to is now an over-priced salad and sandwich shop with a mediocre breakfast menu that only serves breakfast 'til 11am. The strange thing is, it was only supposed to be a weekend stall. One day, Ben and I went to Howard's in hopes of our usual breakfast when there was a sign on the window expressing apologies. There had been a death in the family but they said they'd return the following week. One week turned into two, two turned into four, and soon enough, the window's were blocked off for "renovation".

"OPENING IN MARCH 2009" signs were put up, but March came around and the doors were yet to be open. April rolled around, and still the same. Finally, after driving by on May 20th, the Dude and I jumped for joy because it was finally here! The day we've waited for for 6 months.

The menu was reduced from a hundred options to twenty. 4 omelettes, 6 salads, 8 sandwiches, some soup, some sides, and warm coffee. The vegetarian options are a sandwich with grilled items and some mac and cheese. Maybe even a salad without the meat. It was SO disappointing because I was looking forward to the reopening of Our Howards Delly. And it's not like the food was that great, it was more so the nostalgia of going there every Saturday at 11, if there was someone there, then you'd eat together, and there was always someone there. Even bringing out-of-towners there was ace because it was ridiculously cheap food. $2.11, $3.71, $5.33.

After Space Mountain "ended", The Dude and I used to go on Saturdays. Sometimes, I'd even go alone to read the City Paper and have breakfast alone. Gina, the waitress, would ask where my boyfriend was or ask how Alex and Travis are doing. "Why don't they come in anymore?"

Do all good things come to an end? RIP Howards, Gina, and our memories.