Take Two

May 29, 2009

After my failed attempt at trying to put piping on the pillow cover, I decided to undo all of the stitching and make a regular-ass case. Then I made a little baby one, plus 3/6 covers for the couch. I'm on a roll. What do we think of my soon-to-be pale blue couch cyber-world?

I love being productive, especially around my home. Today, I made whole-wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast, did two loads of laundry, made three covers for my couch cushions, put together a "baked rotini" for dinner (baked ziti, but with rotini instead of ziti, duh) with veggie crumbles, spinach and a homemade sauce. Thenn I made whole-wheat cranberry orange and almond muffins that didn't fluff up as much as I would've liked because my baking soda is flat, but they still taste delicious. Topping the night off with one final pillow case. Phew. I only left the place to grab some oranges and have some small talk with Peter, the guy that works at the health food store downstairs.

Oh, and an orange pineapple smoothie.