October 21, 2009

Facebook has been blowing up lately. People from back in The Day are hollering and it's pretty sweet. Isn't that what MySpace used to be for? Or was that Friendster? Either way, I'm getting a hang of The Facebook. Those two Dudes with the last name Moon are the kids I talked about a year or so ago, about one getting shot and fleeing to Korea because they're involved in gangster gangster business or something. And I got in touch with my best friend growing up when I used to live in Texas. And I finally said "Okay" to some of the people that I don't know/only met once that have added me.

The internet is a strange place. It's kind of scary.

By the end of the year, I'm going to be a Facebook pro. I still don't know what a Poke is. Or how to play Mafia Wars or Farmville. I'm babbling because I'm at school in the computer lab working on some Graphic Design work but it's hurting my eyes and I'm confused and tralalala.

Oh and by the way, that "hide" option for peoples posty-thingies is The Best.