Sad days for us all

October 14, 2009

The Dude and I spent all afternoon putting a chain up on his ramp per his mother's request. It was either this or tearing it down, so the Dude went with this option. Too many (little) kids are coming to the ramp and getting hurt and ultimately, the Dude's mom is just worried about getting sued. Though it's a ride-at-your-own-risk kind of thing, it still belongs to them so anyone can do anything.

The Dude made a bunch of keys and had the chain easy (as possible) to remove so he's handing them out accordingly to a select few. I'm sure if any of the homies (skaters too!) who want to shred are more than welcome, just give him a holler (or me, and I will relay).

What bums me out the most is the recent disrespect of the ramp. I saw orange neon graffiti on it and I HOPE that I catch some skater "throwing" something up so I can chew his ass out. And I know it's a skater. Graffiti has become so cliche in the skate community to an appalling point. And half of these kids don't even put up big paintings and go around their suburban town writing on mailboxes and door knobs. It's like, where is your sense of culture/history? Really? Do you know where this is coming from and how it's gotten to this point? You think you're cultured because you do this "urban act"? It's pathetic, really. But that's just me because I honestly believe in anything you do, especially in the artistic community, one should know their history and predecessors and have a strong understanding.

That's all I have to say/should say about that.

(Though I'd like to point out some people that I know also following this fad that is just viewed as pathetic by your peers.)