Happy Birthday Oliver

October 12, 2009

We went to Crabtowne for O's birthday Saturday night and I made him a brownie tower. I used real butter since a lot of people that actually enjoy real butter would be eating the brownies and I'm sure it tasted delicious. It's weird how I don't have any desire to even try them. I'd much rather have an almond loaf or something weird like that. Or banana bread. Yum. I don't know, what's the "chef rule" on trying you're own food? I've tried the recipe before and I actually changed it to make it even more yummy, which I'm sure it did. Will or Esther, let me know.

The Dude spent almost $10 on Star Wars pinball. I take blame for getting him addicted to that one. I started playing some new games and played the KISS oldschool pinball machine and Twister which completely sucks. There's a magnet thing and you..

I just realized I was going to explain the difficulty in a pinball machine so I opted to STOP.

Happy Birthday Oliver. You are my friend and I love you.