May 31, 2009

Ultimate breakfast sandwich

Protein and fiber.

Sharing a root beer float

It's the nice thing to do.

Han in chocolate carbonite

It would be so nice

I need a holiday. Sweep me off my feet and take me to Berlin.
Speaking of dear old Madge, she's on her way to look like the cat woman/lion lady/cat lady.

Not this Catwoman. Michelel Pfeiffer = sexiest Catwoman ever.


We've all seen the commercial for these on the tube.
Nothing is as it seems.
Or as it is intended to be.

Don't worry, I didn't get this. I would never. That is gross. One might die from consuming such items.

It's frustrating

when all you want to do is sleep in until 3pm because you slept at 5am, but wake up at 10am because you're internal alarm clock is telling you to get up and start your day. Your internal alarm clock doesn't care if you only slept 4 hours the night before. It doesn't care that you've been on your feet all day and need a full body rest. And it definitely doesn't care that you just worked a 14-hour day for not-enough money.

Boogers vs Earwax

May 29, 2009

The Dude has never tasted his own boogers, but has tried his earwax. Isn't that strange? Eating your boogers is key in ones childhood. One knows the familiar saltiness that only comes with boogers. Not earwax. To add to this trip to kindergarten, The Dude and I were in a tiff and to be hurtful, he puts his finger in my mouth. It took me a second to realize why he did that. Yes, he put earwax in my mouth. It tastes kind of like iron. But it did break the tension.

Daddy's girl

Surprisingly, the best advice about boys comes from Daddy. Is that really surprising though? After all, according to Freud, we' end up interested in someone like out fathers. Blarmy.

Take Two

After my failed attempt at trying to put piping on the pillow cover, I decided to undo all of the stitching and make a regular-ass case. Then I made a little baby one, plus 3/6 covers for the couch. I'm on a roll. What do we think of my soon-to-be pale blue couch cyber-world?

I love being productive, especially around my home. Today, I made whole-wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast, did two loads of laundry, made three covers for my couch cushions, put together a "baked rotini" for dinner (baked ziti, but with rotini instead of ziti, duh) with veggie crumbles, spinach and a homemade sauce. Thenn I made whole-wheat cranberry orange and almond muffins that didn't fluff up as much as I would've liked because my baking soda is flat, but they still taste delicious. Topping the night off with one final pillow case. Phew. I only left the place to grab some oranges and have some small talk with Peter, the guy that works at the health food store downstairs.

Oh, and an orange pineapple smoothie.


May 28, 2009

This is mostly for Oliver

May 27, 2009

I have to watch a few Heart videos now and then. I just have to.

Can I bring back the big hair, shoulder pads, ridiculous eye make up and matching nail polish? Please? That is such an amazing look. Glamourous. Bold. Fucked up. Amazing.


Anyone that knows me knows my love of gold.. and D&G. So, it is only natural that I'd like to visit Italy and dine at this wonderful establishment.

Restaurant D&G Gold. Yes, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have opened a restaurant.

Photo load

I jussst uploaded the pictures from my trip home today.

- - - - -

This is what Mikey and I did for Momma for Mother's Day

- - - - -

My dad asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner, and I didn't feel like going out. I didn't even really feel like eating anything. I told him to surprise me and this is what he brought home.

Japanese salad. He knows that I can eat salad all day, every day. I was thrilled and it was The Perfect food item for the moment. I've never had this particular salad because the sushi chef whipped it up especially for me :)

- - - - -

$3.50/cupcake. Not only is it ridiculously over-priced, but it doesn't even taste good! I don't understand the cupcake craze. The Magnolia bakery in Greenwich village has cupcakes at this price, but they are so incredibly delicious, but it's because they're made with love, not made with the idea that cupcakes are a Hit right now and is some corporate suits idea of easy money. I don't even want to mention where I got this cupcake.

- - - - -

My mom and her pink Balenciaga. My dad and his $250 jeans and Pelegrino. My parents and 23 years of marriage.

- - - - -

Me and the baby bro just finishing up a session at In-N-Out. I can haz grilled cheez. And blurple pants.

The End.

Educational models

May 25, 2009

A small bit from a docu about the absurdity of Texas sex laws. It is pretty ridiculous. Don't slip!

Harold and Maude

Yesterday, the Dude and I went to El Salto for a small birthday dinner for his sister in-law with his family. I found out that Lauren (the in-law) is two years older than his brother, Eric. And I already knew that his mom was a few years older than his dad. It's funny that the Hittle men all like the older women.

Did you know

that Marlon Brando didn't accept his Oscar win for The Godfather because of this? Pretty wild.

Jan von Holleben

"Dreams of Flying" by Jan von Holleben

He might not be able to change the world, but he IS dreamy

May 24, 2009

Amazing Beat Box Girl

I remember how crazy Rahzel's "If you're mother only knew" was, buttt I bet no one even knows what that is..

Not A Good Look

Beanie's in the summertime.

W Magazine June 09

I don't know if anyone reads W anymore, but Ginnifer Goodwin is on the cover of the June issue and has a daring spread that does not seem to suit her? I don't know her character on Big Love, or whatever that show is called, but in my mind she is the runty Connie Baker in Mona Lisa Smile.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

directed by Terry Gilliam. This film is Heath Ledger's last big screen appearance, which just debuted in Cannes last week. The first is a montage of films by Terry Gilliam plus a storyboard look into his new film. The second is a 15 second clip of Heath Ledger in the film. I didn't know Lily Cole was in the movie. Weird.

Go get some!

May 23, 2009

So delicious.

23 on 23


These are photos from his birthday last year!

Blink Friday

May 22, 2009

on Jay Leno May 18th & 19th. It has officially begun.
Don't forget to press the HQ button!

The New Howards

After months of renovation, the Howard's we used to go to is now an over-priced salad and sandwich shop with a mediocre breakfast menu that only serves breakfast 'til 11am. The strange thing is, it was only supposed to be a weekend stall. One day, Ben and I went to Howard's in hopes of our usual breakfast when there was a sign on the window expressing apologies. There had been a death in the family but they said they'd return the following week. One week turned into two, two turned into four, and soon enough, the window's were blocked off for "renovation".

"OPENING IN MARCH 2009" signs were put up, but March came around and the doors were yet to be open. April rolled around, and still the same. Finally, after driving by on May 20th, the Dude and I jumped for joy because it was finally here! The day we've waited for for 6 months.

The menu was reduced from a hundred options to twenty. 4 omelettes, 6 salads, 8 sandwiches, some soup, some sides, and warm coffee. The vegetarian options are a sandwich with grilled items and some mac and cheese. Maybe even a salad without the meat. It was SO disappointing because I was looking forward to the reopening of Our Howards Delly. And it's not like the food was that great, it was more so the nostalgia of going there every Saturday at 11, if there was someone there, then you'd eat together, and there was always someone there. Even bringing out-of-towners there was ace because it was ridiculously cheap food. $2.11, $3.71, $5.33.

After Space Mountain "ended", The Dude and I used to go on Saturdays. Sometimes, I'd even go alone to read the City Paper and have breakfast alone. Gina, the waitress, would ask where my boyfriend was or ask how Alex and Travis are doing. "Why don't they come in anymore?"

Do all good things come to an end? RIP Howards, Gina, and our memories.

Chase Lisbon

This is the video from Chase's show in Philly a few weekends ago.

Watch it

May 18, 2009

This is in anticipation of seeing the Dude tomorrow!

Ben Hittle's Defgrip edit. from on Vimeo.

Gangsta Bean

My aunt threw a small family party for me at her giant home in Valencia. Upon arrival, I see my seven year-old cousin playing a game on the computer. It's a violent cartoon game where a bean stabs and shoots items of food that are "unhealthy", so he's stabbing Ding Dongs and french fries and soda's and stuff. There's a McDonald's inspired level with french fries and chicken nuggets and the boss is a Big Mac. I guess it's a good educational game..?

"Brian, what's that?"
"It's a gun, it's called a GLOCK."

Brent Boggs

May 16, 2009


Bryan Herman

has always looked like a 43 year old man, even when he was 18 in Baker 3. Can you believe he's only 23?

Photo Patrick O'dell

Here's to lazy Saturday afternoons. Enjoy.

It's still the best.


Chris Ballard: Eric Ellington will forever remind me of you because of our first encounter. First impressions are everything. Slippin'.

Men In Black

My brother showed this to me yesterday. I don't think it's THAT funny, but I chuckled.

How To Get Adderall

May 14, 2009

Street Boners has a lame article on how to score Adderall.

I've taken Adderall twice? The first time was to enhance my studying performance so I could get a project done, but the second time was to enhance my buzz performance so I could really rock the night away. I think both times I stayed up 'til 7:30 in the morning, breathing heavily and frolicking half naked through my apartment with my roommates. I'm proud to say that all of that is behind me and the answer to even the slightest headache is a giant glass of water, unless the migrane is really killing. Oh to be young. Haha.


is the worst. In all shapes and forms whether it's in real life or on the internet. I don't know about you, but the intimate moments I share with my man are for he and I only. Yeah, we'll give small smooches when no one's around/looking, but never in front of people. Nor do we display pictures of those moments for the world wide web to see. It's just weird that you'd want everyone in on the moments that are, to me, special. A secret.

Kisses are from me to him ONLY.