April 01, 2010

In a fit of nostalgia (and because it was right next to Home Depot), The Dude and I decided to go to CiCi's for lunch. I guess he used to go a lot in high school with his friends, so he thought I should try it and I obliged.


How can you run a business on all-you-can-eat food for $3.99? It just doesn't seem right. The salad bar and pizza assembly line looked so pathetic. I guess I wasn't expecting much, but I was so disappointed, even with no expectations. I don't even want to know how the food is made at $3.99 per person.

On the way back to my studio, my stomach was aching and definitely had to stop everything I was doing to run to the ladies room. All day, my stomach was not happy. That night The Dude's stomach was not so happy either and I had to reap the consequences (aka SMELLY).

We decided that, although it is a place of memory for him, we will never return to that place. I also think because we eat pretty well, our stomachs could not handle whatever shit that shit was made out of.

I honestly can't even believe I went there. I can say some pretty horrible things about this place AND the people that eat there, but I don't want to offend anyone.

If you really want mac-n-cheese pizza, come over. I promise I can probably make it 100% better. And brownies. And cinnamon buns.